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List of the Top Cybersecurity Companies in Calgary, AB

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Calgary, AB, CA
4.6 | 5 reviews
Hockey Alberta is into its fifth year with F12 as our IT Support partner. During our time working with F12, we have transformed how we utilize technology, and our business processes involving technology. Starting with computers, we made the switch from owning our devices to utilizing F12's leasing program. F12's service program where they replace a computer that is not working properly (and the troubleshoot it on their time) has proved immensely valuable in ensuring that our staff members have working devices and can do their jobs - and this even includes when an issue arises for staff in more distant areas of our province. A key part of our partnership was the need for our organization to better utilize cloud storage options, but to merge those requirements with the need to have some on-premises server presence. We had a number of previous storage solutions that needed to be dealt with, and F12 created a solution that worked for us both at our Red Deer office, and for staff based in other locations. And then, when we outgrew the original solution, we worked together to figure out a new solution. All of this meant that when the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March 2020, and we made the immediate transition to working remotely, Hockey Alberta had pretty much everything in place to make that a seamless transition. We needed to get a couple of VPN connections installed, but our business operations were able to carry on largely uninterrupted. As always, when technology is involved, issues arise - but when that happens, we are able to figure out a solution that works for the unique structure of our organization. And, the support desk has not blocked my incoming emails or phone calls, so that's always a good sign!!
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Business Summary:
F12 aims to eliminate the IT treadmill of forced obsolesce and never-ending project billing with an adaptable IT platform at one predictable price per user. F12 Infinite subscriptions bundle the hardware, software, services, and policies to fully secure and support the modern SME.
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Herjavec Group
Calgary, , CA
Business Summary:
HG is a global leader in cybersecurity operations, protecting global enterprises from cyber attacks for over 15 years.
Business Summary:
North America's leading Digital Transformation & Cybersecurity consultancy. You can be assured that our consultants are among the most knowledgeable in the industry. It's not just what we do, it's how we do it.
Business Summary:
Support for the products and services for digital marketing, IT services, cyber security, and custom business process apps. Create & check tickets status.
Calgary, , CA
Business Summary:
Disaster Recovery & Network Security by SoloCompute, Disaster Recovery and Network Security specialists serving businesses in the Calgary area since 1997
Calgary, , CA
Business Summary:
At Omniche Consulting LLC, We help businesses establish Cybersecurity programs, implement security architecture and navigate issues around Governance, Risk & Compliance. We offer trainings, certification & implementation for ISO 27001 ISMS, ISO 277701 ...
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