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About the UpCity Recommendability Rating & Methodology

Recommendability Rating Explained

UpCity has developed a proprietary algorithm that utilizes digital signals to measure the credibility and trustworthiness of each of our Certified Partners. We use this algorithm to build the UpCity Recommendability Rating, an assessment of how recommendable a service provider is in comparison to other service providers. It is derived from a variety of data points that are designed to help business owners find a partner that is the best fit for them, and one they can trust. A service provider’s Recommendability Rating helps guide us in ranking and recommending the top service providers by service area in each local market and nationally, providing business with a trusted resource when selecting a partner.

Recommendability Ratings cannot be purchased and rely solely on factors that impact how recommendable a service provider is.

There are eight factors used to calculate the UpCity Recommendability Rating, including information from both within the UpCity community and external sources.

  1. UpCity Profile Completion: UpCity lists more than 50,000 provider profiles. Profiles highlight nearly 40 data points on each provider, including services offered, target markets, price points and more.
  2. UpCity Engagement: Businesses come to UpCity to find providers they can trust. By interacting with our community by recruiting & responding to reviews, maintaining an up-to-date profile, etc.; we can be confident in ensuring those businesses would have a positive experience working with a service provider.
  3. UpCity Reviews: The reviews on UpCity provide an in-depth view of how a service provider’s customers feel about them and their services, and are a key component to how likely UpCity is to recommend a provider to businesses seeking services. Both quantity and quality of reviews are considered in the algorithm. UpCity has collected 9,000+ in-depth reviews capturing specific feedback.
  4. Google Reviews: The reviews you gather on Google My Business also give UpCity (and prospective buyers) a good view of how customers feel about a service provider. Both quantity and quality of reviews are considered in the algorithm.
  5. Presence in Search Engines: This signal measures how prominently a service provider ranks in search engines and is a good indicator of overall authority and domain expertise. To this end, UpCity is tracking over 56,000 industry keywords to determine which providers are doing a great job in their industry and geographic region
  6. Location Consistency: We confirm that contact information on Google My Business is consistent with a service provider’s UpCity listing. Listing accuracy is also Google’s method for determining whether or not it can trust a local business search result.
  7. Domain Authority: UpCity uses a trusted domain authority metric as a predictor of how much authority a provider’s domain has in the eyes of Google and others. We then take this metric and statistically normalize across our community.
  8. Website Speed & Experience: The speed of a provider’s website can have an impact on prospects’ first impression of the business. Tools like Google’s PageSpeed scoring can provide businesses with information on how to improve this score.

How Does the UpCity Recommendability Rating Help Businesses Find the Right Partner?

The UpCity Recommendability Rating is based on information provided by service providers and businesses as well as public and third-party data sources. As such, it should not be treated as the only source of information a business uses when making a buying decision. The UpCity Recommendability Rating is designed to be an accurate assessment of a service provider’s credibility, and should be considered in conjunction with other available information like client reviews and testimonials, industry endorsements, and peer recommendations.

Identifies service providers that provide reliable, high quality service to their clients.

Our goal is to give business owners peace of mind in knowing they are partnering with someone they can trust with their business.

Recommendability Ratings cannot be purchased.

Our rating factors rely solely on elements of a service provider that directly affect businesses and potential clients. A higher preferred rating cannot be purchased from UpCity by any provider.

The rating algorithm is constantly refined and improved.

Based on feedback from businesses seek services on UpCity and service providers who are represented in our community alike, our model has been developed and iterated continuously since its inception.

Frequently Asked Service Provider Questions about the Recommendability Rating