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Top Big Data Companies in New York, NY

Is your business ready to start leveraging the power of data analytics? The UpCity team has research, compiled, and ranked a list of the top big data companies in New York, NY to help you choose the best partner for your business.
Last Updated: Sat Sep 26 2020

List of the Top Big Data Companies in New York, NY

Signals Analytics is a data analytic, market research and business intelligence platform built to help leading brands gain on-demand competitive consumer insights from trillions of connected external data points...more >
Bombora is the largest aggregator of B2B intent data, providing B2B marketing and sales teams insights about when their customers are actively in-market....more >
Make Everyone A Power Analyst! Powerful Business Intelligence Using EXCEL! Fast & Easy No Training - No Migration! Share & Collaborate | Clear Analytics - Excel based Self Service analytics leveraging Power BI...more >
Fractal Analytics helps global Fortune 500 companies power every human decision in the enterprise by bringing analytics and AI to the decision....more >
Blast is a trusted analytics consulting and data science company that leads with strategy. We help accelerate the complex analytics journey with roadmaps to success...more >
With nearly 20 years of experience and expertise, we believe analytics should be sophisticated yet simple and useful as well as secure. StatPro data coverage includes global equities, global bonds, global mutual funds, m...more >
Locus Analytics, an economic research firm based in New York City, studies networks of relationships between businesses, jobs, and products....more >
Mediaforce's evidence-based approach to strategizing your growth combines data analysis and digital marketing expertise. Take informed steps towards growth....more >
Enigma is an operational data management and intelligence company that specializes in data analytics and connected data....more >
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