About Us: UpCity Helps Bring Trust and Transparency into the B2B World.

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More than 225,000 businesses visit the UpCity Marketplace each month seeking services.

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UpCity Creates and Empowers Successful Relationships Between Businesses and Service Providers.

But what does that mean?

UpCity is dedicated to helping our partners in our marketplace grow their businesses by providing the support and help they need to build their online recommendability.

For businesses seeking services, the transparency and trust we provide through reviews and data-driven insights help dramatically improve the B2B partner selection and purchase experience.

UpCity was founded in 2009 with the goal of helping businesses navigate the rapidly changing world of digital marketing. As the number of marketing service providers grew, so did the challenges for businesses searching for information they could trust to drive their decisions. We launched the UpCity Marketplace in 2017 to empower successful relationships between businesses and marketing service providers by providing transparent, trustworthy information.

In 2019, UpCity expanded beyond marketing services providers to B2B service providers from accountants to HR professionals to IT services companies. Today, over 225,000 businesses visit UpCity each month seeking services from over 33,000 providers in over 600 cities in North America. UpCity helps partners in the marketplace grow their business and build their online recommendability.

What We Don't Do

UpCity doesn’t just take any review we receive. Fighting fake reviews is something we take seriously, therefore we have a quality team dedicated to review authentication.

We’re also not pay for play. Many providers in our marketplace maintain free profiles and have a high Recommendability Rating from UpCity. 

We believe in building long-lasting relationships with our partners and the businesses that come to our site. We don’t just try to bring in the traffic and forget about your experience. 

Our Company Values Drive Everything We Do.

We strive to be worthy of the trust businesses and service providers place in us to serve their best interests.

We exhibit a bias-to-action to serve the needs of our partners first and foremost.

We work closely with our partners to understand their challenges and bring solutions to market.

We are transparent about our processes and services and strive to bring honestly to the market.

Our History


UpCity’s roots are based in SEO. We began our journey helping small and medium sized businesses streamline their local SEO efforts.

Agency Software

UpCity’s Agency Software platform allows agencies to streamline reporting and workflows in order to manage SEO, social, and local listings more efficiently.

Agency Services

To better help and guide our marketing partners, we created a team dedicated to helping companies navigate the tough marketing landscape with our Agency Services.


The UpCity Marketplace launches with the mission of empowering successful relationships between businesses and marketing service providers by providing transparent, trustworthy information and insights.

UpCity Expands Marketplace

UpCity expands Marketplace to include additional B2B service providers, like Accounting, IT Services, Back Office Services, Human Resources, and more.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Our leaders are passionate about changing the way businesses and service providers build relationships. 

Founder and CEO

Dan Olson

Founder and CEO
SVP of Product & Marketing

Heidi Sullivan

SVP of Product & Marketing
SVP, Sales & Customer Success

Mark Tepper

SVP, Sales & Customer Success
VP of Technology

Joe Banks

VP of Technology

UpCity in the Press

Chicago-Born, Chicago-Based

Come meet the UpCity team in person at our downtown offices.

180 North LaSalle Street, Suite 2100

Chicago, IL 60601

E: info@upcity.com
P: +1 (312) 445-9615

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