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Sibedge is a globally distributed software engineering company that puts people first. For over 15 years, we have successfully implemented over 350 projects across more than 27 countries.

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Software Development

Business Overview

Small, Medium

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What Makes Us Different?

With headquarters in Australia and teams of highly-trained engineers around the world, Sibedge delivers high-value services to empower clients' digital transformation and strengthen clients' software solutions. Sibedge service architecture combines both product- and project-minded development disciplines. The service architecture offers five services that have an agile partnership at their core.

Our core services

Team Extension

We help companies enhance their capacity really fast. Teams of 3-5 remote engineers are always ready to join you for a quick extension of your team.

Agile Software Development

We are responsible for agile-project delivery. The Agile approach to software development results in a product that is designed, engineered, and validated to decrease risk and increase business value to the greatest extent possible.

Squads Product Development

We lead and deliver continuous value to business solutions through product development and design. Development squads - these are small, self-organized, multifunctional teams – typically comprising visual and user experience (UX) designers and analysts, developers, quality engineers, and product managers.

Agile partnership and cooperation with the client

1. Identifying what our client truly needs and expects from us

2. Making partnership commitment and building the right team

3. Onboarding the team

4. Managing change: replacing or expanding the service at an early stage