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Segmint’s solutions provide companies with usable data and strategic insights that help you understand the biggest opportunities with your customers and deliver the services and conveniences that matter most.

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What Makes Us Different?

When  you  understand  your  customers’  everyday  financial  behaviors,  business  becomes  personal  again. Segmint’s  solutions  provide  companies  with  usable  data  and  strategic  insights  that  help  you  understand the  biggest  opportunities  with  your  customers  and  deliver  the  services  and  conveniences  that  matter most. Our  industry-leading  analytics  and  marketing  platform  leverages  payment  and  transaction  data  to strengthen  customer  relationships,  serve  as  the  foundation  for  relevant, personalized  and  data-driven  marketing strategies,  and  unlock  hidden  profit  opportunities.Segmint cleanses, categorizes, contextualizes and activates data to provide the fastest and most accurate customer insights that improve the depth and quality of customer relationships.  Segmint’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) product portfolio consists of its Merchant Payment Cleansing solution, Customer Insights platform,  Marketing Automation platform and AI Modeling.Segmint provides the following results through the use of it’s solutions:

Boost Revenue
Gain Competitive Intelligence
Make Data-Driven Decisions
Evolve & Innovate Offerings
Deepen Relationships
Combat Churn
Reduce Costs
Market Relevantly
Merchant Payment Cleansing
Transaction descriptions are often complex and non-descript, and as a result, unusable for data modeling, customer analysis, or integration with other solutions. Segmint’s Merchant Payment Cleansing service leads the industry in terms of the speed, accuracy and scale of transaction processing.  The process ingests transaction data and transforms complex descriptions into a simple, easily understood merchant name. Segmint’s proprietary technology and extensive AI and automated analytics cleanses and categorizes billions of inconsistently labeled transactions to help our Clients make use of their data. Merchant Payment Cleansing is a critical tool that allows financial institutions to better understand customer transaction behavior and model spend patterns. Making previously useless data, useful, the Merchant Payment Cleansing service provides actionable data to enhance customer experiences and boost analytics and modeling investments.  Customer Insights
The Segmint Customer Insights product transforms a Financial Institution’s (FI’s) customer data into simple, intuitive insights. Segmint aggregates an institution's disparate data sources and assigns insights we call Key Lifestyle Indicators® (KLIs®). By combining analysis of an FI’s customers’ everyday purchase transaction with an overview of their product line utilization, insights describe the unique financial behaviors of each customer, their spend patterns, and activity with competing institutions. Leveraging your core and transaction data, customer insights are generated providing actionable data to enhance customer engagements, acquire a better understanding of customers, improve analytics and upgrade technology investments. Segmint’s Customer Insights are produced without Segmint receiving any personally identifiable information (PII) from our clients about their customers. AI Modeling
Segmint can build and deploy custom predictive models for any financial institution within two weeks. Segmint’s industry-leading AI Platform, a cloud-based and always-on predictive modeling engine, delivers predictive models at incredible speed and scale, using insights that describe the full universe of customer data. The AI Platform boasts seamless data integration with multiple cores where data flows into the models on a daily basis, continuously updating the insights.  Segmint’s AI Platform is a market differentiator because it was purpose-built to consume Segmint’s proprietary Key Lifestyle Indicators, or KLIs.  KLIs are ideal inputs to predictive models because they solve the most difficult and time consuming part of data science which is cleansing and normalizing data. KLIs also contextualize the results of the predictive models by correlating with the predicted population to provide a wide range of filters and segmentation options. With KLIs, financial institutions can be more intelligent about how to engage with the output of the predictive model. Marketing Automation
The Segmint Marketing Automation product leverages KLIs to help FI’s deliver personalized and meaningful engagements to their customers across a multitude of customer-facing channels. Our extensive reporting provides full cycle attribution performance metrics identifying those customers that were influenced to achieve the campaign goal as a result of your marketing efforts. The platform enables the use of  customer data to deploy real-time, personalized marketing campaigns  for cross-selling, onboarding and retention.