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Savant Marketing is a Direct Response Marketing Agency based in Ottawa, Ontario. We work hand in hand with businesses like yours to help you generate more quality leads.

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Matt Creamer

5/5 | April 22, 2020

What Makes Us Different?

What makes us different?

Well, for starters... We understand you invest in marketing to drum up more business.

Not to make a fancy looking website... 

Not for an increase in brand awareness...

And not to just get more likes on Facebook.


You want tangible results.

You want to grow your revenue.

You want to make the phone ring, and your email inbox ping.

My friend, you want more leads!

And on top of that, you want them to be quality leads.

Plus, you want to know for a fact these leads are coming from us, and not just a fluke.

Well... Lucky for you, this is exactly what we specialize in!

We've got a rinse and repeat system to generate high quality leads for you, every month, without you doing any of the marketing yourself.

All you have to do is sit back, watch the leads come in, and sell them your service!

And so you're probabaly wondering... How we generate these leads?

By using our simple 7-Step Marketing Method of course!

It's very different than most traditional marketing methods out there. In fact, we do things almost the complete opposite of most other agencies... Because it works.

In fact, one of our clients made $10,000 in only 13 days using this system.

However, it doesn't work for every business.

Only some.

Our main focus industries right now are:

- Construction 

- Trades

- Financial 

- And Home Services

Do you fit into any of those categories?

If so, head on over to our website. You'll see a bunch of testimonials from happy business owners who use our system on a monthly basis to continue to grow their business. 

So go ahead. Visit and request your 100% free, no-obligation strategy call today.


Matt Thibeau

CEO, Savant Marketing Agency