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Rupert is a Seattle advertising agency and creative design firm. We specialize in collaborating with our clients to develop working relationships that produce great creative and tangible results.

Services We Provide (10)

Web DesignVideo ProductionNamingMarketing Consulting/StrategyMarket ResearchGraphic DesignDigital MarketingDemand GenBranding/PositioningAdvertising

Business Overview

Small, Medium, Enterprise

$10,000 or more

$5,000 or more, monthly

B2C, B2B




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Adobe Creative SuiteFinal Cut PROGoogle AnalyticsHTMLHubspotMagentoWordPress

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What Makes Us Different?

Seems like that ought to be everybody’s goal. Here’s how we do it: On every project we work with our clients to define success and then we look at the brief and ask, “Is this going to work? Is this how people really behave?”

It’s not rocket science. Just common sense, a little bit of creative thinkery and the stark acknowledgement that nobody gives a hoot about your ads. At least not yet.

All of our work centers around these three principles:

Listen up – A lot of ads are tone deaf. They say what they want to say and not what the audience needs to hear. We try to listen and understand our audience before we talk to them.
Stand out – They can’t hear you if they don’t notice you. Our media strategies and creative work together to get meaningful impressions. Sometimes that means being a bit different.
Be heard – Our campaigns are mechanically sound. We aim for clear executions that work with the media to deliver the message crisply. No tiny type on bus ads. Make the logo bigger.