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Razz Pro helps Apple focused small businesses in Los Angeles manage technology with responsive, reliable & consistent IT services and support. We are an IT consulting firm that provides proactive monitoring, maintenance, IT documentation, technology reviews/audits, network management and more.

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Emily Young

5/5 | February 17, 2022

LInda Goldstein
Executive VP

5/5 | February 23, 2022

Emily Young

5/5 | February 17, 2022

LInda Goldstein
Executive VP

5/5 | February 23, 2022

Emily Young

5/5 | February 17, 2022

LInda Goldstein
Executive VP

5/5 | February 23, 2022

What Makes Us Different?

1. Superior Response Times
The last thing any business wants is not being able to reach their IT consultant in a time of desperation.  When your business experiences an emergency rest assured that we will respond accordingly.  Our clients know that they can call us for any emergencies or submit a support request for anything else.  We monitor both of these means of communication regularly and set goals to exceed expectations in terms of response times.

2. Alleviate Worry, Stress & Anxiety
You’re busy. Your day to day tasks don’t need to include troubleshooting computers, servers, networks or anything else related to IT and technology. Let us remove the worry, stress and anxiety that comes along with trying to deploy, maintain, troubleshoot or plan out these systems in your environment. Your time is valuable. Let us be an enabler for you and your business so you can focus on more pressing matters.

3. Customer Satisfaction, Proven Reputation & Trust
We have worked very hard for over a decade to develop and maintain a great reputation as a small business in Los Angeles. We have over 40 5-star reviews on the Apple Consultants Network as well as several 5-star reviews on Yelp and Google. We care about our clients and are deeply invested in the success of their businesses. They have entrusted us with a critical part of their business and we take this to heart.

4. Pro-Active IT Support 
We take the proactive initiative with our clients and if we didn’t take this approach we would constantly be putting out fires. With our monitoring service sometimes an issue is resolved before our clients even knew the problem existed. With our maintenance service we are able to automate the little stuff and save hours of time all while minimizing or preventing disruption to our clients staff.

5. One Stop Shop (no need to hire and manage multiple vendors)
We provide a vast coverage of services and support when it comes to technology and IT-related infrastructure. Our objective is to be the only resource you will need for these sort of things. We encourage our clients to reach out to us regarding anything technical. In the event that a project is actually outside the scope of what we do, it is more than likely we will have a really good referral available.

6. Real People Who are Personable
Our team works hard to provide our clients with a very personable 1 on 1 service and support.  We clearly explain things to our clients and consciously  avoid technical mumbo jumbo in our discussions.   

7. Flat Monthly Fee (IT costs are crystal clear)
With a flat monthly fee your business can avoid huge fluctuations in IT-related costs and expenditures. This allows the business owner or finance team to easily budget and be reasonably accurate in terms of total IT-related expenses for the month or even the entire year. Everything we offer in terms of our service and support is included in this monthly fee so we eliminate client frustrations which would otherwise occur due to minor add-on fees or a bunch of additional small invoices.

8. Long Term Relationship 
Just as it is very expensive for a business to deal with turnover of staff, turnover of IT consultants can be equally if not more expensive. We aim to be the last IT consultant you will ever hire. We want to have long term relationships with the businesses we support and we want to take on the role as your trusted advisor or vCTO (Virtual Chief Technology Officer).

9. Shared Experience and Client Crossover
We work with many different small businesses in Los Angeles spanning several different industries. A lot of these small businesses share very similar obstacles and common issues related to IT. When our team works out an issue for one of our clients that takes minutes, hours, days or even months to resolve, that resolution is documented and all of our clients share in the benefit of this experience. The next time the same issue presents itself we may be able to provide a resolution in a matter of minutes whereas initial discovery of the resolution may have taken hours or longer. This is a huge benefit that is not available for companies that use their own internal staff for IT support.

10. Technical Expertise
Throughout the year we are attending various conferences, seminars, webinars, meetings and the like to keep up with our industries standards and best practices. We are constantly learning and never stop refining processes and the ways in which we can improve or be more efficient. We are proud of our accomplishments and certifications such as those listed below, but never sit idle on these for long.

10.5 Certifications
Addigy Certified Expert
Certified Wireless Network Administrator
Apple Certified Technical Coordinator
Apple Certified Support Professional
Apple Mobility Technical Competency
G Suite Administrator Fundamentals
Sophos Silver Partner
Synology Silver Certificate