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Cybercriminals are running rampant. As incident after incident occurs, regulators are poised to demand tighter compliance requirements. Meanwhile, the typical IT company fails to even prevent routine crashes and downtime. None of these developments have escaped our notice. And we're doing something about it. At Proactive IT, our mission is helping professional service firms reduce cyber risk, get ahead of the IT compliance curve, and keep their business operations running smoothly.

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Cloud ComputingStaff AugmentationIT Managed Services

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What Makes Us Different?

We sweat the details. We educate and test your users. We implement best-in-class technologies. We leverage workflow and automation to make sure we do all the little things we know are necessary to keep a computer network secure and working. All of our processes include quality control and executive oversight so that management knows the team is getting the job done. We regularly audit your network to make sure no detail is missed. And our business model is explicitly built to align our business interests with yours so that you get the best outcome possible.