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There are things that set M.J. Web Design apart from other web design and marketing agencies in Richmond, VA. Our company is a "direct response web design and marketing agency". That means we specialize in researching your niche and designing your website to be beautiful and SELL.

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What Makes Us Different?

Have You Considered How Your Web Design Agency Should Be Designing Your Website?

This is Michael, the CEO of M.J. Web Design and I want to say welcome to the site. I want to greet every visitor and tell you what my web design agency is about. “RESULTS”. That’s why the websites we build, the copy we write, and the graphics we create, are designed around sales and conversion. You won’t find complicated, techy words on this website in an attempt to sound fancy. 

My agency concentrates on making you money and feel pride when you see your website: and we do that by designing you a website that sells to your audience, and doesn’t just “look pretty”. Many business websites talk too much about themselves by saying we do this, and this, oh, and this. While they should be saying “we will do this for YOU”, and “YOU will feel like this when we provide you this”. 

If that’s the kind of website you want to be designed for your business, your blog, or your non-profit, keep reading.

These are the problems our method of web design solves:

- You receive a website that saves you time because your design will come with special landing pages designed to sell your products and services.

- Thanks to our additional value, you will never feel frustrated when you realize later on you need SEO and sales funnels being set up.

- Because we integrate SEO and other direct response marketing strategies right into our websites, you get a leg up and save money when your competition won't.

- Everything goes through our CEO/Owner, which means you won't ever have to worry about dealing with a project manager, a content writer, and a bunch of different staff members.


So why do you want to update your website's design to a direct response design?

- A 2022 study showed 82% of people who searched the internet for solutions to their problems preferred to see a website designed how to make them solve their problems. NOT JUST DISCUSS WHAT THE BUSINESS CAN DO.

- 70% of websites don't have proper calls to action and lead generators which is causing their great SEO rankings to miss out on lead generation opportunities.

- Google is now mobile first. That means you need special optimization for mobile devices and if your website is more than 10 years old, it's not going to incite interest in your visitors.

- 60% of websites have poor UX/UI design, which results in poor lead generation and conversion rates.

So what is the value you receive from M.J. Web Design vs. other Richmond, VA web designers?

The average web designer charges $3,000 for a website, hosting, logo, basic branding, and sometimes SEO.

With M.J. Web Design you receive:

- All of the above plus!

- An in-depth analysis of the emotional and physical needs of your target audience so all written content is designed to sell.

- Fully optimized for speed so you won't run into issues where Google penalizes the website for being slow.

- No initial limits on the number of pages.

- Every page is optimized for a keyword that generates real traffic.

- Creation of a "lead generating magnet", and calls to action to generate leads.

- The start of your blog or eCommerce with 3 posts or product pages optimized for SEO.

- A special landing page designed to sell your products or services that you can drive all your advertising traffic to.

- A custom "direct response" marketing strategy you can use to promote yourself when the website is complete.

- All tracking set up. Submission to Google, Google Analytics, FB pixel, etc.

Never Worry About Your Business Growth When You Choose Us

We aren't interested in just building you the MOST BEAUTIFUL WEBSITE ON THE PLANET. We want to set you up for the future. Too many web designers charge $3,000+ for a website design and don't tell you.

- In the future you will realize it's not ranking for keywords and people aren't finding it, so you will have to pay $500+ a month for an SEO specialist.

- They don't tell you special "direct response" landing pages are the best for converting social media/ad visitors into leads.

- Just saying "call us" or "get a free consultation" doesn't build a steady list of leads.

- That eventually you're going to need to hire other marketing agencies to get the most out of your small business website. 

We solve these problems by giving you all the initial tools you need so you won't have to hire another agency again to perform SEO, digital marketing, or social media management in the future.

M.J. Web Design understands how those feelings hurt. We were starting out once and had to do the exact same thing! But we researched our markets, put in the hours, and are now successful.
Here’s how it works: just give us a call, get a FREE meeting, and we’ll create the plan, then put it in action. That way you can stop feeling frustrated or confused about the growth and direction of your business.
Start feeling relaxed, free, and successful:)