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Lucid Reality Labs is a design and development company that focuses on solving business challenges with immersive technology-driven solutions. We create unique interactive Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Reality experiences for clients across the globe. We offer full-stack Spatial Computing solutions.

Services We Provide (1)

Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Development

Business Overview

Small, Medium, Enterprise

$10,000 or more




Technologies We Support (12)

AR CoreAR KitHTC ViveMagic LeapMicrosoft HololensOculus GOOculus RiftOpenCVSamsung Gear VRUnityUnrealiOS and Android

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What Makes Us Different?

Virtual Reality. We create VR solutions with elements of gamification for training, education, and collaboration scenarios, where users can explore, interact, learn and build skills as well as master procedures attached to the role in a risk-free, controlled environment.

Augmented Reality. We enhance the real-world environment with digital twins and visual overlays that enables countless possibilities for business across all industries. Our AR solutions transform the way people perceive information, play, learn, collaborate, shop, socialize, and explore the world.

Mixed Reality. We develop MR solutions that merge the physical and digital worlds, people, and virtual beings, revealing new opportunities for human, computer, and environment interactions. We create new forms of remote collaboration, operations improvement, reskilling, and upskilling of the workforce while promoting safety and creativity.

Intelligent Technology Solutions. We deliver unique solutions that combine Machine Learning, Smart Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Computer Vision (algorithm technology) that enable robots to learn from humans and perform required tasks precisely, autonomously, and without human interaction.

R&D Solutions. We challenge existing approaches and create innovative know-how. We advise, design, and implement solutions that enable Private and Public-sector clients to explore and utilize Spatial Computing opportunities for their business, prototyping new and transforming existing products and solutions.