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Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Kickstart Design LLC is devoted to your engineering and design needs. With our team of expert designers & engineers, Kickstart Design can help you develop your product or project. Whether it be design, prototyping, or manufacturing, we’ve got you covered!

Services We Provide (4)

3D Modeling & PrintingCADHardware DesignPrototype Design

Business Overview

Small, Medium

$2,500 or more

$500 or more, monthly




Technologies We Support (3)

Fusion 360InventorSOLIDWORKS

Industry Expertise (4)

Mike Gilligan
Managing Director and Principle

5/5 | May 21, 2021

What Makes Us Different?

From napkin drawings to formal patents, we'll take your ideas and elevate them to the next level. We have direct lines of communication with our clients and their teams, allowing for collaboration to ultimately capture your vision. We know your ideas are multifaceted, that’s why our team is just as multifaceted. Whether your idea calls for electronic, mechanical, or artistic designs, we can help. At the end of the day, we strive to provide you with working prototypes and manufacturing documentation to bring your idea to reality.