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Hi! I’m Andrew Ordway, I run Impossibly Awesome Design Co. I create clean, colorful, and distinct branding to help my clients create a killer first impression that creates instant trust. I’m passionate about creating that critical match between their quality offerings and their outward appearance.

Services We Provide (3)

NamingGraphic DesignBranding/Positioning

Business Overview

Small, Medium, Enterprise

Less than $1,000

Less than $500, monthly





Technologies We Support (4)

Adobe Creative SuiteGoogle AnalyticsWooCommerceWordPress

Industry Expertise (6)

Business ServicesConstructionFood/BeverageGovernmentRestaurantStartups

What Makes Us Different?

I'm an award-winning designer who provides modern, clean, and distinct logos/branding. I believe that human psychology is powerful, and that whether we like it or not, your potential customers are judging you from the moment they come in contact with you - and they often come in contact with your branding first.

If your branding is unprofessional, potential customers will naturally assume you are unprofessional as well - no matter how stellar your products and services are! I want to create a brand for you that immediately communicates to potential customers on first glance that you are professional, trustworthy, and will exceed their expectations. 

There needs to be a match between the quality you offer and the quality customers see when they look at you. I create that match to help grow your business.