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Groove Jones is a creative technology company that produces next-generation AR, VR, & MR experiences for world-class brands to engage with their audiences.

Services We Provide (1)

Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Development

Business Overview

Small, Medium, Enterprise

$10,000 or more

$5,000 or more, monthly

B2C, B2B




Technologies We Support (11)

AR CoreAR KitHTC ViveMagic LeapMicrosoft HololensOculus GOOculus RiftOpenCVUnityUnrealiOS and Android

Industry Expertise (6)


What Makes Us Different?

Groove Jones is the most award-winning XR studio in the world. Last year alone, we won over 50 industry awards for our work. Our team is considered leaders in the XR space.

2014 - Co-founder, Dale Carman directs the first VR car commercial for Acura and Samsung. That same year Dale directed the first Oculus DK2 VR production for Legendary Pictures: Pacific Rim VR Experience with Guillermo del Toro.

2016 - First multiplayer HTC Vive VR LBE (location-based experience) for FX Networks at Comic-Con. Awarded the Best VR Experience of the year.

2017 - Groove Jones is one of the first to use Apple’s ARKit for commercial use - American Airlines’ way-finding.

2018 - First use of Apple’s ARKit utilizing world space mapping and 25 simultaneous iPad users.

2021 - Groove Jones launches the first LED volumetric stage with real-time face tracking for Aurea Software.

2021 - Groove Jones launches the first mobile virtual production system using the 5G MEC with Verizon Labs.

2022 - Groove Jones launches the first volumetric scanner with ML and AI-powered pipeline to rig and add motion capture animations programmatically. AT&T licenses the technology.