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A remote team of 40 in-house tech lovers who find new challenges and complex software architecture fascinating. We work with clients as a single team, and we are proud to call this our strength. Our main technology focus is Ruby, Rails, Javascript, Node.js, React, Kotlin, Swift, and React Native.

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iOS DevelopmentSoftware DevelopmentSoftware DevelopersMobile App DevelopersBlockchain DevelopmentAndroid Development

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Small, Medium

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Business ServicesFinanceHealthcareReal EstateSaaSStartups

What Makes Us Different?

We are a team of product developers rather than just an outsourcing agency. Together with building products we build relationships.

Writing high-quality code is what we do by default starting from maintaining a good architecture to covering it with automated tests. The code we write is Readable, Maintainable, Effective, and Secure.
Apart from actual coding, we bring our ideas to the table. We contribute to our projects by sharing our culture, bringing our processes, and providing our ideas on how to make things faster/better. Our developers think critically and if they see a risk that can be avoided, or not good UX that can be fixed, or an opportunity to make things faster/better - they discuss it openly and share their vision. Unfortunately, it's not typical for most of the outsourcing world.

Datarockets' team consists of outgoing people who love learning new things, share their knowledge with others, communicating proactively, and know how to work productively and stay remote. There're no random people here. We put a piece of our heart, invest our time and money and make sure that each datarocker comes to our company for a good reason and shares our values and high quality standards.

Our major strength is transparency and simplicity. datarockets’ clients don’t worry about the technical part of their products anymore – we handle that. We set up clear work and communication processes, so our clients can see what we discuss, how we make decisions, and what issues we experience in real-time. Our team lets our customers focus on what really matters to them: overall product strategy, finances, and marketing.

datarockets works in different areas, no matter if it’s a ridesharing service platform or a personal growth tool. Our key is to believe in the products we work on. datarockets’ passion is working closely with our clients, considering their success ours, and growing their businesses together.