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Captiva is a full-service digital marketing funnel service. Our mission is to connect individuals to communities that meet their needs in life. It's not about us growing or making money. It's about making the world a better place. We research your dream market, write copy to sell your product to that market, build a funnel for them to go through, qualify, & become a lead or community member, then we place ads that direct those dream clients through your process.

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Social Media MarketingSearch Engine OptimizationMarketing Consulting/StrategyMarketing AutomationDigital MarketingAdvertising

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Small, Medium, Enterprise

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Business ServicesFinanceHealthcareReal Estate

What Makes Us Different?

We are a digital marketing/lead generation agency that focuses on growing communities instead of anonymous lists of email addresses. We believe that bringing in new members to a company culture or community is a strategy unmatched by anything else in the industry for growing your company.
Inside of a community, the members make friends & become a very real part of your culture- almost to the point that they feel obligated to be involved simply because they've made friends in the community. There's also the social proof of the community when running promotions & events, & giving people an atmosphere to enjoy that extends beyond the value of your product.
People don't just want a piece of plastic or software that solves their problem. People crave purpose, & purpose almost always comes from the community you feel you're a part of. That's the magic we want to bring to your business.

Writing copy, building funnels, researching your dream market, strategizing, running ads, optimizing, & analyzing data are all things we do to get you there, & our goal is to do that work in a way that represents your brand in a compelling way. We spare no expense to connect your problem solving product community with the people it can serve at the absolute highest level.

We're on a mission to see the best businesses in the world grow.