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At Baker Street, we take a high touch approach to digital marketing and advertising by delving down and building an in depth persona of your brand. We also take the time to understand the intricacies of your customer. It's through intimately learning your brand and it's customers that your campaign can truly succeed, and that's the core of how we approach digital marketing. Anyone can make you an ad, but Baker Street will forge you experiences.

Services We Provide (8)

Web DevelopmentWeb DesignSocial Media MarketingPay-Per-ClickMarket ResearchDigital MarketingCustomer Relationship ManagementAdvertising

Business Overview

Small, Medium, Enterprise

$5,000 or more

$2,000 or more, monthly





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Adobe Creative SuiteGoogle AnalyticsMail Chimp

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What Makes Us Different?

Originally Northstar Advertising, Baker Street’s history is full of character, learning, and growing. We realized there was a need for something different and stepped in to fill a gap. Today we not only have a traditional background, but a vision for the future.

From designing logos to maintaining CRM systems, Baker Street is here for you. Our unique personalities and love of design coupled with our passion for learning drives us to dig deep into your brand to uncover its unique personality and position in the market. This ensures we design around a unifying goal in order to capture the hearts of your potential customers.
And it doesn’t stop there!

Once we know your brand personality and craft the most awesome message we can think of to fit it, we don’t just walk away. The absolute best part of what we do is just getting started! From there, we monitor every campaign carefully and see what’s working and what’s not across every dashboard we can get our hands on. When something seems to underperform, we learn from it and replace it with something better. Then we just keep doing that until your campaigns become even better than awesome!

That’s our mantra: Message — Metrics — Repeat.