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Allganize helps enterprises automate answering questions from a myriad of unstructured text documents without tagging

Services We Provide (5)

Speech RecognitionNatural Language ProcessingCognitive ComputingChatbotsChatbot Development

Business Overview

Small, Medium, Enterprise

$10,000 or more

$2,000 or more, monthly



Technologies We Support (2)

SMSWeb Chat

Industry Expertise (6)

Business ServicesEducationEnergyFinanceGovernmentHealthcare

What Makes Us Different?

Unlike its competitors in the enterprise AI space, Allganize’s proprietary technology does not require any manual data tagging, making it very quick to implement while providing best-in-class results accuracy. By adopting Allganize, it is proven that an agent can handle 3X - 5X more tickets per day as the AI is capable of answering 50% - 80% of questions automatically.