Share Media Agency is a boutique Public Relations, Branding, and Advertising firm that specializes in innovative marketing solutions, online community building, and international sales development. Come #share with us! | www.sharemediaagency.com

What Makes Us Different

We believe that, through the creative sector, we can impact personal, institutional, and community change. Our team has a strong and successful track record of sponsoring and developing sustainable cultural organizations, building relationships with influencers and brand-appropriate organizations within the community.

Our agency works with all types of businesses and individuals to support their marketing, branding, and business development needs. Our ideal customers are emerging players in the...


Service Area: Local

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What we do

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Branding/Positioning
  • Marketing Consulting/Strategy
  • Marketing Automation
  • Video Production

Who we work with

Types of Small Businesses We Work With
  • Generalists
Web Platforms We Support
  • WordPress
  • Adobe Business Catalyst
  • Wix
Clients We Serve
  • Locally-focused small business owner (eg. Doctors, Lawyers, Restaurants)
  • Locally-focused franchisee
  • Small e-commerce business (i.e. less than $1MM in annual sales)
  • Medium or large e-commerce business (i.e. greater than $1MM in annual sales)


Retainer-based Budget
  • $1,000 - $2,000
  • per month

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Share Media Agency

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