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Our mission is to make the highest standard in video production quality available to the smallest of businesses, enable the best products and services to dominate their market, and connect audiences with companies who share the same priorities and values. Too many superior service providers lose out to those with superior marketing. Our mission is to make superior marketing affordable to everyone so that the deciding factor is the quality of the product or service.

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What Makes Us Different?

For a long time, the video production industry has run on a business model of a small number of big projects every year. It has been this way because very few people outside the industry understand what goes into the production of a successful ad, movie, or other video content, and it's best to build in enough profit so that when the client inevitably wants more than what was originally agreed on, the production house can still deliver without having to nickel-and-dime.

The problem with this business model is that it hasn't evolved with the times. Video production technology has advanced a great deal, and incredible cameras, lights, microphones, and other pieces of equipment are now able to be run by just one or two professionals, and the cost of each of those pieces of equipment have come down significantly. What this means is that now, professionally-produced videos can be accessible to businesses with far smaller budgets than in years gone by. 

Most video production companies, however, have resisted changing their business model, because their big clients are still offering big budgets. But for anyone with a budget under $10,000, there aren't really any video production companies who want to service them. In that price range, the only thing available is a videographer, who is not trained in marketing, advertising, or other aspects of production besides shooting and editing. 

So what we wanted to do is find a way to offer true video production services, including scripting, storyboarding, strategizing, as well as shooting, lighting, audio, set design, editing, color grading, and visual effects - at the price of a videographer. I'm happy to say - we've done it. We have several flat-rate products that are a fraction of the cost of what another video production company would charge that have done amazing things for our customers. 

We built Robin Hood Studios because we genuinely care about our customers. I myself know what it feels like to have a business fail. After my first business failed because I had no idea how to market it and get new customers, I spent the next six years working in marketing & video production roles, going back to school and learning how to crack the code of helping a small business get new customers. I very much wanted to help other entrepreneurs avoid the experience I went through with my first business.

That means that every member of our team carries true passion for helping our customers succeed and grow. I don't have to ask my team to go above and beyond; they do it on their own because our mission is more than just words on a page. We eat, sleep, and drink our mission and we get to experience every day the reward of opening doors for small businesses that they could not open themselves.