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We are a Raleigh-based marketing agency specializing in high-touch service industries, such as medical practice, veterinarian, and law firm marketing. What differentiates us from other marketing firms is the way we work with our clients with an in-depth partnership and skill sets that you won’t find anywhere else. We uniquely mix creative marketing skills, business management consulting and executive coaching putting it all to work for you.

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What Makes Us Different?

Few would dispute that technology makes our lives easier yet more complicated. It adds convenience yet makes us busier. It creates greater access yet overwhelms us. The means by which we communicate, the decisions we make, and how we associate with the world around us is driven by rapidly changing technology. The digital landscape, while offering small businesses access to growth opportunities previously not available, multiplies at breakneck speed. This leaves small business owners overwhelmed and confused, unsure about what marketing direction to take and tools to use. So how does your business keep up?

At Precision Marketing Partners, technology and marketing are seamlessly intertwined. If you’ve used the Underground in London, you know the phrase “Mind the Gap.” At PMP, we mind the gap by being the bridge between your business and selecting your best marketing options. We thrive in this gap because it’s our specialty. We understand that the digital landscape and a #2 pencil still work together.  You can count on us to use the most cost-effective tools to produce the desired results.

We will partner with you to direct the current of the ever-changing world of digital marketing, keeping your goals and budget top of mind. You can expect targeted, digital campaigns that move your prospects to customers. And we won’t stop there. We are your full-service firm from planning to execution. If you need Branding, a Website, Inbound Marketing, Photography/Videography – from strategy to delivery – we are here to partner with you and build your brand.

Principals Greg Fawcett and Jennifer Setzer have more than 40 years of experience in marketing and communications that they utilize to attract their client’s target audience and keep them engaged.