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At MH Digital, we don't make promises we can't keep - but it's not uncommon for our clients to generate 30+% of their revenue from email & SMS. Most importantly, we work to fortify our client's revenue for the long haul, and make sure we do it in a way that respects your brand and your customers.

Services We Provide (4)

ShopifyMarketing AutomationMarketing Consulting/StrategyEmail Marketing

Business Overview


$1,000 or more

$1,500 or more, monthly





Industry Expertise (2)


What Makes Us Different?

Why should you talk to us about your email & lifecycle marketing needs?

❌ We're not Gurus, Hackers, Ninjas, Magicians.
✔️ We're partners in collaborating on your growth - there's no magic solution to 3X your revenue overnight.

❌ There is no patented "MH Digital Secret Method".
✔️ Our approach is shaped first by your business, your brand, and your value propositions to your customers - with our experience to guide it.

❌ We don't aggressively blast emails to make us look good in the short term.
✔️ We set up and execute strategies for long term conversion and retention sustainability.

❌ No outsourcing and long turnaround times.
✔️ Our entire team is US based and can integrate seamlessly with your workflows.

What we do:

Expertise in Braze & Klaviyo (especially custom integrations)

End to End Email, Push, & SMS:

Collaborate on content strategy 💡
Copywriting ✍️
Responsive design (desktop/mobile + light/dark mode) 🖥️📱
Segmentation and dynamic content 🔀
Flow and campaign strategy and optimization ☝️
Reporting and attribution 📈
Customer Journey + Platform Management:

Facilitate custom integrations with your email platform ⚙️
List cleaning and deliverability management 🧹
3rd party integration and setup 🤖