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Market Vantage designs, implements and measures the results of web marketing initiatives for our clients to help them make their businesses more successful. We are seasoned business and Internet marketing professionals with a wealth of real-world experiences to share.

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What Makes Us Different?

When we started Market Vantage in 2002, there were people who frankly didn’t understand our business model. Today, you can barely swing a cat, should you be so inclined, without hitting an agency that provides online marketing services. We suspect that choosing one agency to serve you from the many that are out there is difficult. With that in mind, here are several of what we think of as our differences.  

We See the Big Picture

Salespeople and marketers don’t always get along with one another very well. That’s a shame, because they sure can help each other. Sales people need a steady stream of interested prospects and marketers need data back from sales people regarding the leads they are generating, so they know which programs result in closed sales versus mere window-shoppers.

We believe that effective marketing can have a significant positive impact on an organization’s bottom line. But, effective marketing doesn’t work in a vacuum.

New clients often start by asking us to improve their organic search rankings, or tune up their Pay-Per-Click campaigns. We start by investigating their marketing strategies and tactics, which means we ask a lot of questions.  

We’re not just being nosy. When you go to the doctor because of a cough, a good doctor will check you out thoroughly and try to find the cause. Sure, they could just send you to the pharmacy for some cough medicine, but if you have pneumonia, emphysema or lung cancer, that cough medicine is not going to fix the problem.

In the same way, if none of your existing organic traffic is converting into leads, what makes you think that embarking on an SEO project will improve your bottom line? If your landing pages are unclear or badly designed, then tightening up your PPC campaigns will be like putting on a band-aid.

We pride ourselves on being great marketers AND experienced business people. That means we insist on diagnosis before treatment, and once we do go forward with a project, we’re as careful about spending your money as you are.

A Team of A-Players

Have you ever hired a marketing agency? You do some searches, get some recommendations from colleagues, and then invite in a handful of candidates to pitch their services. You make a selection, award a contract, and, hopefully, they do a great job for you.

Often, though, what happens is that the pitch team really impresses you, but once you sign the agreement and hand over the deposit, those people are never seen or heard from again. Instead, you find you’ve been handed off to an inexperienced Account Manager who has a team of even more inexperienced folks doing your work for you. Meanwhile, the impressive pitch team is busy making more pitches.

That’s not how we operate. The people you talk to while you’re selecting a firm are the people you will work with. We employ only seasoned marketers who have a generous portion of business experience.