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JQF Designs is a Digital Marketing Agency that specializes in business branding and development utilizing the online market place! We’re a business that operates on quality and delivers excellent customer service. We have been in business for over 5+ years and have developed brands for over 100 different companies. From Chicago, IL, to Las Vegas, NV., we are growing from coast to coast building visions! We Design, Develop, Print and Capture all that is needed for your brand to be seen!

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Joseph Franklin Jr

5/5 | April 1, 2019

What Makes Us Different?

We strive to develop visions and not just designs. Each color, line, shade, curve, etc. in your designs are articulated based off tones, feelings, emotions, meanings and beliefs. Your brand is our #1 priority and we won’t let nothing stand in the way of developing your vision for the world to see. We don't compete with other companies, we just perfect our mindsets to beat our old selves! We are a one stop shop agency that believes in you before ourselves. So get in contact with us to have your vision designed for the world to see!!

Branding & Identity
Looking to better your branding design, or write a branding strategy? How do you get started? JQF Designs has a great collection of logos, and analysis to help you jump start the branding design process.

Interactive Design
Nowadays, web design is a must-have capability in the designer’s toolkit—whether you are building a client website, designing for mobile devices, creating an app, or working on a portfolio site. To keep you aware of the latest innovations—and cool stuff—in the field, JQF Designs provides web design tips and surveys the best sites, giving you the web design inspiration you need to design your projects effectively.

Typography Design
Typography design is a vibrant field in the digital era, with designers creating web fonts, crafting new versions of classics, and delving into everything from hand-drawn type to experimental typography. JQF Designs experts provide thoughtful reflections on fonts and typography designers, providing a wealth of inspiration.

In the design world, photography sometimes gets ignored. But photography and graphic design have a long, twinned history, and JQF Design’s vast archive of photos and photo illustrations are sure to inspire graphic designers.

Information Design
Information design has undergone an explosion in recent years, with infographics becoming increasingly widespread and accessible. Everyone seems to be creating their own DIY infographics and information dashboards are increasingly popular. JQF Design examines how data visualizations present complex information in an easily digestible way—through interactive data visualizations.

Illustration Design
Do you consider yourself an illustrative designer? Look no further, JQF Design has a diverse hub of graphic design illustration, poster design, letterpress, and silk screen design available for your artistic skills.

Packaging design is the visual skin that covers our world, and JQF Design brings you the latest, most innovative projects. JQF Design features not just beautiful, eye-catching work but sustainable, creative packaging design that reduces waste by limiting materials. We cover everything from large-scale branding initiatives to new ideas in food-label design, by the top packaging design firms everywhere. We design and print all of your packaging in-house!