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I'm a freelance web developer living in Kansas City. I specialize in Wordpress, HTML/CSS, jQuery and Responsive Design. In the end you will receive a website to help your clients easily navigate.

Services We Provide (6)

Web DevelopmentWeb DesignUser Experience/User InterfaceSearch Engine OptimizationGraphic DesignBranding/Positioning

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Small, Medium

$2,500 or more

Less than $500, monthly

B2C, B2B



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Adobe Creative SuiteAdobe PremierHTMLShopifySquareSpaceWooCommerceWordPress

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What Makes Us Different?

They say the tyrannosaurus is the only cool thing with short arms...well clearly you’ve never met me. My name is Joseph Manning (sometimes Joe, unless my mother is around - It’s NEVER Joe). I’m from Kansas CIty. I’m a self-proclaimed web developing god by day and a fastidious Irish dance teacher by night. I spend a great deal of time judging people, but mostly because I’m also an Irish dance judge. I’ve worked for over 15 years in web development, in the academic and corporate worlds. I have since given up on job security to become a dance school owner, that gets thrown pennies to get verbally abused by children (What do you mean red and orange don’t go together, it’s like the same color...). During my days I am a freelance web developer, to avoid selling my organs on the black market.