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Jackson Marketing, Inc., is a high-touch, martech-savvy agency that empowers B2B marketers to reach target audiences to generate more leads and sales. We want each point of contact to realize individual, professional success as a result of the relationship he or she forms with us. We help B2B clients in multiple ways, including *Strategy and ideation *Content creation *Filling talent gaps with specialized skills *Technology management *Tactical execution.

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Web DesignPay-Per-ClickSearch Engine OptimizationSocial Media MarketingEmail MarketingContent MarketingLocal ListingMarketing Consulting/StrategyMarketing AutomationInbound Marketing

Business Overview

Small, Medium, Enterprise

$1,000 or more

$5,000 or more, monthly



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Business Services

What Makes Us Different?


Jackson Marketing, Inc., is a high-touch, martech-savvy agency that empowers B2B marketers to reach target audiences to generate more leads and sales.

What makes us different is our desire to listen and learn so that we can help you and your business. We don't come pretending like we have all the answers -- we come as a partner to help you achieve your business goals so that you can succeed with your individual, professional objectives. 


We help B2B clients in multiple ways, including

  • Strategy and ideation
  • Content creation
  • Filling talent gaps with specialized skills
  • Technology management
  • Tactical execution

Services include inbound marketing and content marketing strategy, content creation, SEO, PPC, email marketing, social media, small-scale website design, WordPress site management, marketing automation management, and other martech/sales tech platforms.


We primarily work with B2B organizations and have engaged with executives and leaders in the following roles:

  • Owners and CEOs
  • Marketing leaders
  • Sales leaders
  • Consultants
  • Nonprofits
  • Human Resources (employee branding)
  • Agency owners

Our love of learning and curiosity makes us a perfect complement to your team. We don't need to be experts in your product or service -- we need to be experts at translating subject matter experts' knowledge into online messages and experiences that engage the right audience via the right channels. Here are some of the niches and industries we've worked with:

  • Software as a Service Providers
  • Foodservice Industry
  • IT Consultancies
  • Human Resources 
  • Manufacturing
  • Ad Agencies
  • Business Services


Our Vision. To drive business growth for our clients and help our client liaisons achieve their career goals in the process.

Our Mission. To support people who want to build a business or personal brand online through content, search marketing, social media, and technology-powered sales and marketing strategies and tactics.

Yes,  we’re related, but don’t worry. There’s no sibling rivalry between these two sisters. Our individual strengths complement one another, and we play nice with others on your team and in our network of talented creatives.

Managing Director

Stacy is a content marketing professional who helps businesses and individuals optimize their online presence. She’s an editor and writer, and a regular contributor to various marketing blogs.

Director of Operations & Client Services

Alanna is a client services and project management professional who understands the complexities of modern B2B marketing. She’s an adept leader who ensures the team consistently meets client expectations.