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Digital marketing agency has been delivering customers to business owners since 2007 by making the businesses more findable online. We specializes in driving customers immediately & consistently via Facebook Ads & Google Ads. We are skilled at increasing brand presence for business websites, Google My Business listings, Yelp listings, and YouTube videos. And, get Facebook Messenger working to drive brand engagement & sales. Call us now at (408) 890-6395

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What Makes Us Different?

The Weekend Warrior "Marketing Experts"

If your business inbox is any measure of this, it seems that there is no shortage of incoming emails spamming your inbox offering to rank your buisiness on Page 1 of the search results, or to drive a flood of customers to your business, or both. You may not know this, but many of the incoming offer emails you received are from newly-minted "marketing experts" who've just completed a weekend marketing event or some recently launched $47 online marketing course. With canned email scripts in-hand, as well as some exploit-of-the-day to convince business owners they should care about, the "marketing experts" fire-up their free email account to blast-out hundreds of emails hoping some unknowing business owner will respond.

The email scripts inform you (and every other business person receving this spam) of a problem you didn't now you had (like, your losing sales, your website has a problem, etc.). Fortunately for you, they are able to help you. Unfortunately, many new marketers employ tricks & schemes that used to work, but no longer do anything more than draw unwanted negative attention to you business from the search engine companies. That -or- they attempt to exploit the latest "loophole" that's designed to trick the search engines. That also draws the sort of negative attention you don't want.

So, you've hired the "marketing expert", and your business website might have enjoyed a brief pop in the search results. But, it has quickly away just about as fast - leaving you to wonder why your business website isn't even on Page 2 anymore - where it used to be. Incoming calls have dropped off. You realize you've wasted your marketing dollars. And, the "marketing expert" you went with isn't returning your calls. To-add-insult-to-injury, the "marketing expert" you had working for you was also working with one of more of your competitors - essentially working against you. Can that happen? Yes, and it does everyday. Now, you are left to clean up the mess...

The Small Business Marketing Agency

The Test of Time - We've been delivering customers to local business owners since 2007 by making the businesses more findable online. We haven't done that by blasting-out desperate spam offer emails or by exploiting loopholes. But, here's how we did it...

Strategic System - We've developed a proven system to make your business website, Google My Business listing, Yelp listing, YouTube videos, and more work harder for you. We employ a unique blend of paid advertising, social media marketing, and search engine optimization marketing to increase your brand's presence and to drive more sales.

Exclusivity - Another differentiator is that we won't work with your competitors in your base location city for as long as you are an active client of ours. We choose to be dedicated to your business. That's exclusive.

Proficiency & Expertise - On a daily basis, we actively mastermind with the top digital marketing experts around the world. Don is a Certified Local Marketing Consultant, a certified Email Marketing Specialist, a Certified SalesPartner, a Facebook Ads & Google Ads expert, a search engine optimization (SEO) expert, and a Facebook Messenger specialist.