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About Dental Revenue

Dental Revenue is a dental marketing agency launched by Ads Next to provide comprehensive online marketing and lead generation software for modern dental practices. Our Performance Program is one of the most unique in the industry. It was developed specifically for dentists to go beyond the basics of traditional internet marketing. We help dentists promote their practices even in the most competitive markets.

What makes us different

An integrated marketing solution designed for the fee for service practice.

Most patients aren’t able to differentiate between one dentist and another. As a fee for service dental practice, you need to market yourself aggressively to communicate how you’re different and why they should choose you over other dentists. Our program helps fee for service dentists attract patients that value quality and service over price. And we give you the tools you need to make the most of each opportunity and turn your marketing investment into new revenue.

The Dental Revenue Performance Program is a unique system developed by Ads Next, specifically for dentists. It focuses on helping fee for service dentists market their practices online. Our program works because it is a complete solution – centered on the partnership between the individual practice and the Dental Revenue team.

What We Do

  • Branding/Positioning
  • Content Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Local Listing
  • Marketing Consulting/Strategy
  • Pay-Per-Click
  • Reputation Management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
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Overall Experience

This company claims they can guarantee 20 % ROI. I spent 3000 dollars( give or take ) per month ( they basically used my old website which I had paid 12K with a different company and the site had been optimized organically for years and they redid the imaging with stock photos and charged 3500 or so for a new website they said I would" HAVE" to get a new website( for the campaign to succeed ) so I would need to make 60K per month from the leads that would come through from their advertising. I barely made it out alive as I only made enough to make the 3000 dollar payments. I had to fight tooth and nail to get out. Once I left they had left a non-working phone number on my site. I actually found out from a dear patient who was kind enough to not give up on us and once they were able to get in communication they told us the number they were using on our website was a non-working number. and 3-4 weeks into the new company campaign we discovered through this one patient that they had left a non-working number on our site. Not sure how many new patients we might have lost. They make it very difficult to leave. You have to sign a contract for 12 months the contracts continue EVERY YEAR. So at the end of 12 months, you sign another long term contract. The contract should be read carefully and even having an attorney to look into the details. What happens is they send you an electronic contract but there is a very small link which is an elaborate legal jargon to be included in what you sign. So the conversations are friendly, charming in nature and very reassuring but the legal contracts are very cut-throat. They do refer to "THE CONTRACT" at the first whispers of you wanting to leave. And it gets uglier and uglier from that point on. There is great level of warmth on the initial phone call and promises of a glorious future however at least in this case it turned out to be an influx of non dental calls , scam and sales call and patients who couldn't afford our services, I am not sure how I could have fallen for the 20% ROI, that alone should have been a red flag . I was able to download and document all the calls that had come through and saved the information for a rainy day so everything in this review can be prooved. Basically, they have a dashboard where you can see how the campaign is doing, the calls that come through they get recorded and we will fill in the details of that lead. Very easy to download and save. Bottom line is this: 1- elaborate ROI is too good to be true, any marketing company that guarantees that is manipulating the consumer 2- Contracts are ok for 6 months in my view, as most SEO and organic performance will improve over 4-6 months however in good conscience the marketing company needs to make it easy to leave if things aren't turning out as planned. Another word one added clause could be if the stats are dropping the consumer can leave in 2 weeks notice or one month notice. This would be reasonable for a consumer to get out before they go through a freefall of losing income because some outside entity isn't capable to produce what they had guaranteed they would. 3- Contracts that are 12 months and have too many legal jargons (not easily understood) need to be avoided since it usually means the marketing company is fully protected even if they had bad intentions to begin with. Meaning they made promises that they couldn't keep and there would be no penalties for them just the consumer. 4- Read all the reviews , not just the references the company gives you. This company gave me a list of clients that had been with them for a very long time and I guess after 5-7 years it is possible to get good results. However, when I went to their facebook page a lot of people that work there had written reviews. The reviews should come from clients who have been with the company for a long time. 5- Marketing isn't a one size fits all. At times you will need a more specialized and advanced company if your goals for expansion is a priority. You should be able to easily leave if the company isn't producing the product they said they would It should be very simple. The dashboard will provide very transparent information so it is easy to see even for the company that they are not performing. It is ok that they are not performing in my view ( if they are not good at what they do another word) but after 3-4 months they should simply let the client go and not hold the consumer hostage. Very dangerous to trust and be gullible as it is easy to be taken advantage of and lose a lot of money. It is wonderful to find a marketing company that has the consumers best interest at heart. It makes a whole lot of sense by investing in the consumers the company will do well. The consumer will write positive reviews and the expansion for the Marketing company and the consumer happens simultaneously. This is a win win for all parties involved.
1 Reviews in Total

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  • WordPress

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  • Small Businesses: 1–250 employees

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