Codal is a UX design development agency with a focus on blending an Agile process with the latest emerging technologies. Based in the heart of Chicago, we have a knack for bringing out the best in every brand that we work with.

What Makes Us Different

Codal is a UX design and development agency with a focus on blending an Agile process with the latest technologies. Based in the heart of Chicago, we have a knack for bringing out the best in every brand that we work with. With more than 9 years of IT business expertise, Codal has a strong team of skilled and experienced business and technical experts. Our clientele has ranged from small business to enterprise, but our philosophy has always remained the same: to empower brand visibility and deli...


Service Area: International

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What we do

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • User Experience/User Interface

Who we work with

Types of Small Businesses We Work With
  • Generalists
Web Platforms We Support
  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla!
Clients We Serve
  • Locally-focused small business owner (eg. Doctors, Lawyers, Restaurants)
  • Locally-focused franchisee
  • Small e-commerce business (i.e. less than $1MM in annual sales)
  • Medium or large e-commerce business (i.e. greater than $1MM in annual sales)
  • Medium or large national or international business


Retainer-based Budget
  • $5,000+
  • per month
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Very happy to have selected Codal over four other companies to develop a complex technology platform that is central to our business. In fact we are now working with Codal as our application support team as well as on new development requirements.

Shanna Daley


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I don’t even know where to begin to describe the experience I have had with this company. I came to them after already being treated so recklessly by another company. That company charged me $100,000 and never delivered a product that was worth a dollar. I had high hopes for this company as they seemed compassionate and empathetic toward my plight, making many promises that were never kept. They were given code to review to give me a price window so I could make an educated decision if I could afford to move forward after the loss I already suffered. I was reassured that if for some reason we got anywhere near the top of my estimate window I would be notified and we would have meetings about how to move forward. Not only was I not notified the communication process during the whole project was awful. The backend system that they promoted as what sets them apart from other companies was never used even though the CEO claim several times it was. What was supposed to cost a certain amount of money and only take three months has now been eight months I have paid the top of my budget for a project that was not completed because they continue to want to tell me it would be more. They took it upon themselves to completely change the project without notifying or disclosing that to me. Then when I have expressed my frustration over cost and time delay all of which was never explained to me till the 7 month I am met with condescending attitude’s where I am not spoken to not like a client but rather a employee who doesn’t understand what’s going on. Several times I remind them what they promised and prices they gave by sharing the emails to show that I am not making things up but their stance is they don’t care because they felt they had delivered more than what I deserved even though it was for things I did not ask for and was not aware of. They spent the time and money doing things that were not to my knowledge so that then there was no time or money left to do what I had asked for to begin with. I still ended up paying the complete balance that was due even though $28,000 even though I did not get the project completed per the terms that was agreed-upon through many emails, discussions and design and still 72 hours later the CEO will not release my code to me and will not release my passwords and accounts that were created by the developers on my companies behalf. In the beginning they told me they would hold my hand and make this foreign process comfortable for me and instead now talk down to me and treat me like I was a naïve fool to even try to venture into this without background. They boast that they have had 200% growth in the last year and a half and that is because they are focused on quantity and not quality interaction for their current clients. They sub all of their work out to India and those involved in the United States office have very little involvement with your project. I now have to hire a second attorney to deal with this unethical company that although got their money still won’t give me what is legally mine. They will sell you with their bells and whistle’s during the sales process but the moment you execute the contract and make your first payment you just become another account to be collected on. The worst part is I still paid just so I could move on and not have to fight or hire another attorney but they still won’t give me my accounts or code and refuse to fully communicate back to my requests. I don’t recommend this company.

Reviews (1-2 of 2)


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