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BT Web Group is a digital marketing agency located in Lexington, KY. Marketing specialties include: Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Brand Marketing, Marketing Consulting, Web Design, Web Hosting. We love building marketing campaigns that generate revenue; websites that look great AND attract visitors; secure hosting environments; and better opportunities for online success!

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Video ProductionReputation ManagementLocal ListingContent MarketingEmail MarketingPublic RelationsSocial Media MarketingSearch Engine OptimizationPay-Per-ClickMobile Application DevelopmentWeb DevelopmentWeb DesignBranding/PositioningMarketing Consulting/StrategyCustomer Relationship ManagementMarketing AutomationInbound MarketingUser Experience/User Interface

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Small, Medium, Enterprise

$500 or more, monthly


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What Makes Us Different?

What makes us different is our beliefs.


WE BELIEVE in striving daily to improve and innovate the online marketing and web design industry which is why the work we do for our clients today will always be better than the work we were doing a month ago, and the work we do for our clients a month from now will always be better than the work we’re doing today.

WE BELIEVE our purpose is to serve every client with integrity by providing them with unmatched results which in turn generates more revenue for their business and provides a happier more prosperous life for their families and ours.

WE BELIEVE serving other businesses is a privilege and not a right, and we should always be asking ourselves not what our clients can do for us, but what we can do better for our clients.

WE BELIEVE that everyone on the BT Web Group team is expected to consistently demonstrate good faith and excellence in all given responsibilities and commitments every day.

WE BELIEVE that we don’t work on our client’s tasks for them, but rather we work toward our client’s goals with them.

WE BELIEVE in uniting with our clients one project at a time and creating an atmosphere that encourages open communication and positive collaboration.

WE BELIEVE in the practice of continuing education and training in Online Marketing and Web Design technologies so our clients can consistently achieve better results.

WE BELIEVE that helping businesses can sometimes be a slow and careful process requiring great commitment, care, and a collective effort with our clients and our team.

WE BELIEVE we don't sell products or services, but rather we propose solutions and opportunities for improvement that are uniquely customized, so each client can progress at their own pace.

WE BELIEVE in helping our clients live better and happier lives by removing the stress and confusion that comes with web technology and online marketing.

WE BELIEVE in always doing our best to genuinely help everyone we do business with, even if a client chooses not to do business with us.

WE BELIEVE that we’ll never have all the answers to website questions or marketing problems when they arise, but if there is a way, we'll go to the end of the earth to find it or we'll simply create it.

WE BELIEVE that our team members and our clients are a family. We stand shoulder-to-shoulder through thick and thin. We win together, and we lose together, and we'll always have each other’s back in everything we do.

WE BELIEVE that every business owner who dreams big dreams should have the same opportunity to succeed online as companies with unlimited budgets.

THE WAY we do everything we believe is by providing innovative online marketing and web design solutions for businesses in every industry, big and small.

HOW we do everything we believe is by giving digital control and transparency back to the client. By providing real time results tracking on all online marketing and web design services. By making website improvements and updates promptly when asked. By tracking every marketing campaign to the penny and letting the ROI prove our worth. By treating every client’s needs equally, no matter the size of their budget. And by always doing our best in everything we do, because we believe that when we do our best, God will do the rest.