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We help clients figure out ROI before starting project and continuouly evaluate our KPI to get high ROI from our SEO campaigns.

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  • Web Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Inbound Marketing

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  • Specialists
Clients We Serve
  • Small e-commerce business (i.e. less than $1MM in annual sales)
  • Medium or large e-commerce business (i.e. greater than $1MM in annual sales)
  • Medium or large national or international business


Retainer-based Budget
  • $2,000 - $5,000
  • per month
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Park Sleroyl


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Richard was extremely helpful and provided me with a ton of information and guidance. I was a little new to SEO and Internet marketing strategy, but he very articulately broke things down and made everything easy to understand. Anytime we venture into unknown territory, it's immensely helpful to have a partner that communicates well and is honest and upfront. I felt Richard was very professional in how he approached me, which I appreciated. He didn't over promise, he was very clear and concise with regards to what he could do for me and what kinds of results I could expect with my budget. I would recommend them to any new, up-and-coming companies, or even seasoned veterans, who may want to increase their online presence.

David James


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After this weekend my rankings have dramatically increased. I have revised this review to reflect the great work of this team! Affordable, knowledgeable, and flexible - 3 words to describe the service I received from the Los Angeles SEO Company. Being in the digital marketing space myself - can highly recommend the service and results I have experienced since working with the team. Trust the pros with your online visibility, call these guys today!

Keyon Wilms


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Bliss Drive helped my business achieve high rankings quickly and efficiently. From our first introduction I knew I was working with professionals; Richard is an expert in the field and impressed me with being incredibly knowledgeable, reliable, and consistently available for any questions and concerns I had. He was able to optimize my website and produce results that showed his SEO services were working continuously throughout the process. As anyone considering SEO services knows, it takes a lot of work to improve your standing over time. I have been working with them for several months now and have seen a continuous growth in leads and impressive lead conversion compared to what I was seeing before I employed their services. Not only are our sales booming, the increased leads, sales, and position against our competitors is improving the entire business structure. As I continue to work with Bliss Drive, I still see growth and progress every week. Richard used local and organic SEO to take me from page three to page one in just a few months. While there are a lot of things that go into the SEO strategy I don't know about, I can clearly see that what he has been doing is working based on the increase in leads and web traffic. The great thing about working with Richard is he takes your goals seriously and will keep you updated with progress being made. Not only have I been consistently impressed with the results, but level of professionalism I have seen while working with Bliss Drive has made the process quite enjoyable.

Royal Birds


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I have had my website up for over 3 years and have had to learn my lesson the hard way with SEO. I foolishly tried to do SEO my self and ended up wasting a lot of time and money. I then foolishly have tried hiring overseas SEO guys and again ended up wasting money and a lot of time but even worse ended up getting my site penalized with Google. I finally smartened up and decided to hire Bliss Drive. Ive compared 4 other SEO companies and I was most impressed with SEO One Click. Customer service and good communication was very important to us and they have been awesome. But most important was results. They were very honest and realistic about what to expect, no gimmicks. They over delivered. We are now in the top 5 spots in our major key words and I just checked today and we are now the # 1 spot in one of our most competitive keyword. And our Google penalty has been removed. Not the cheapest but VERY affordable. Other SEO companies I looked at were almost double their price. Our business has at least tripled since we've hired them. I wish I would've found these guys sooner. Probably the best investment we have made for our business. Definitely recommend them.

Kathy Walker


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My website's SEO was horrible due to an outdated theme, lots of bad links that I never noticed how to eliminate and other issues that Richard was able to solve for me. He used a modern theme, rebuilt my site from the ground up, gave it a modern look and worked his white hat magic to get my site moving in the right direction. He also told me what I could do to help the cause, which I did. Now I have nearly 30 keywords on the first page of Google. He told me that getting to number one takes time. And it did. To do it right, it has to be a progression, not an overnight success. Anyone promising quick results is doing black hat and you’ll regret it if you allow them to mess with your site. In summary, I highly recommend Bliss Drive in Los Angeles area.


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Working with Rich and the Bliss Drive team is well worth it -- they work with you to understand what you need, educate you on what they are doing and do not hide anything. Cost effective, attentive, ethical, and most importantly able to obtain results, where others only make promises. Bliss Drive has changed our approach to marketing, the level of sales inquiries, and has helped grow our company. This can be a very confusing process since it is all "under the hood" type of information. Kudos to the entire team that we have dealt with. We recommend them without hesitation.


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We've been using Bliss Drive for online marketing campaign of our website as well as promoting live webinar series. We have been very happy with the services provided and the level of service we've received. The team was friendly, exceptionally diligent, strategic thinker and well-organized. Their service has been immaculate, and we have seen a significant increase in leads through our website since we started working with BD. A wonderful experience with Richard and I will certainly bring more work to BD where possible. I highly recommend their services to any customers looking for a company who really knows what they're doing and can deliver beyond expectations! I highly recommend Bliss Drive and special regards for Richard for their sincere and professional contributions.


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I've worked with Bliss Drive for our company’s SEO and paid ads. The team is like an instructor for us and an incredible one. Bliss Drive has helped us 1-on-1 with our Google Ads campaigns. They've made our lives so much easier! Professional, thoughtful, caring about our business, informative, knowledgeable and most importantly, know how to set up the tools to work for US. They've taught us how to be more efficient in our campaigns and given us solid advice that we use to this day. If someone says they need help with SEO, I will immediately point them to Bliss Drive. Nothing but the best.


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These people are really cool. If you are looking for an SEO company to help you drive more traffic and conversions, then this is THE ONLY one place to look for. Bliss Drive is extremely knowledgeable, and the employees are awesome. If you want to waste your marketing budget, then provide it to some other companies. Otherwise, if you want highest impact for your single buck – choose BLISS DRIVE. Thank you to the team, for all you've done and all you're about to do!!!

Donald Johnson


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Fantastic! Bliss Drive team is really nice, helpful and dedicated to their job. I needed help on SEO for my webstore so I contacted Bliss Drive. They gave me a good insight on what to work on and improve. They helped me understand the need of my customers and the right direction to take. I’ve been talking to Rich and he’s been giving me great advice. The team is extremely professional, straight-forward, responsive, and met deadlines as promised. They provided an SEO audit for our company and offered tailored advice that helped improve our overall SEO metrics. I’m really happy to have found a nice and dedicated team that can help improve my website! I definitely recommend working with them. I give them an A+!

Corey Ellis


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These guys are like magicians! We were a new company with a new website and these guys at Bliss Drive helped us achieve outstanding results in our first few months in business. They took us from obscurity to page one of the search engine results for most of our keywords! Rich and his team are great to work with. They are efficient, professional, and communicative. The team helped us prioritize what to work on. I'd highly recommend their services for anyone looking for a reliable and experienced team to improve their business.

Yuliana Hawkins


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I was warned by Rich of Bliss Drive that I am in a tough industry and it will take time to see SEO results. I was comfortable with him and his team, and they won my business. I felt the SEO campaign did take a long time to see results like he said. He suggested to run AdWords in conjunction with SEO but I disagreed at first as I have used AdWords in the past where I always lost money. Anyway, within 3 weeks that I’ve been working with Bliss Drive, I was making profit. I was surprised! I just wish I found Bliss Drive sooner. The only complaint I have now is sometimes when I walk in to their office it takes a while to get hold of Rich. I understand he is a very busy man though. Good job, Bliss Drive team!

Paul Griffin


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I’ve been working with Bliss Drive for 7 months now and my Google ranking has improved immensely. I am enjoying the new businesses that are coming in because of their excellent work of bringing my Google ranking up. I have received monthly reports showing the improvements on my SEO. I am very happy with the improvements on my website’s visibility and the increase of leads contacting my business for their hybrid battery needs! You’ve done a great job, Bliss Drive.

Terry Robinson


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I have no complaints and it was hassle free experience with them

Noah Harris


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I had a great experience working with Bliss Drive. After having a not so great experience with another company, I needed to find someone to quickly redo an overdue project. The team at BD came through for me and provided top of the line quality work for me. Rich was very knowledgable and went above and beyond to help me out, and for that I'm really grateful. I highly recommend these guys to anyone. Truly awesome!

Matthew Moore


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Bliss Drive has significantly increased our Google search rankings for a portfolio of individual websites. Our traffic is up 38% compared to last year. Their team is highly organized, accessible, and communicative. Copywriting services is also top notch compared to other vendors. Richard has done wonderful things for my business. My SEO has never been stronger, and his team has been so helpful along the way. They have implemented tons of great changes to my website, and answered all my questions in a friendly, knowledgeable and timely manner. I finally found a reliable SEO company that can deliver. After dealing with multiple SEO companies and empty promises it was refreshing to deal with Richard and his team. From start to finish they were professional and transparent while managing expectations. Our site’s organic traffic, bounce rate, and conversions have all improved. Bliss Drive is highly organized and met all deadlines. They are also very effective communicators, especially when it comes to translating technical aspects into non-technical language.


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Finally, an SEO company that delivers on what they promise. Not just half-baked sales guys like many internet advertising and directory companies employ. We tried a few other options before this company, but these guys actually got it done. Yes, we had to do our part to get things working. When it comes to SEO you can't be lazy, you have to be proactive and on top of your game. The SEO work has brought in organic traffic and clicks which have produced conversions, and the content they created is of a very good standard. Our site had some technical and hosting errors, but these were fixed, and the team is generally well structured, organized, and accountable. Thanks, Bliss Drive.

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