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List of the Top Artificial Intelligence Companies in Phoenix, AZ

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Many large companies like to say that they care, but those companies should take notes from KitelyTech. I currently run a startup nonprofit, and as our organization grew our need for a professional virtual web presence became vital. As a startup our budget was extremely tight, but still we could not afford to have a cheap website, so we needed an extremely professional looking site done for extremely cheap, which at first seemed like an impossible task. Thats when one of our advisors told me about KitelyTech and to checkout their startup scholarship program, where KitelyTech provides a discount on their services for companies that are just starting out and have a mission statement that they believe in. After getting into their startup program the experience was incredible. I was introduced to the team that I would be working with and we set up a weekly time for us to meet and to be presented with all the progress. After I told the graphic designer my vision in our introduction meeting, the following week at our first weekly meeting I was absolutely blown away with how well he was able to encompass my vision on his very first try. In between meetings any thoughts I had I would just email whoever I needed and would always get a speedy reply. The team definitely offers there insight and expertise, but still treat you like the boss the team dynamic was awesome, all of our meetings had lots of laughs but all while still maintaining an extremely professional air, was the perfect environment to foster collaborative forward progress. In terms of launching the site the backend development team couldn't have been better. They took care of all the confusing technical aspects which can occur with site hosting and so forth, if anything was required from me on my end there instructions were always extremely clear and precise. Once we launched the site the backend team stayed in constant contact with as we worked together to discover and fix any bugs that come with going live. Overall I would say working with KitelyTech is a 10/10 experience. You get the personal attention and befriend your team as if they were a local mom and pop, but then have access to their global resources that only an International company like KitelyTech could provide. I will definitely be continuing to use KitelyTech as our organization continues to grow. So everyone can see the incredible work that they've done me heres the link to the landing page that they built for us.
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Delivering projects worldwide to customers ranging from startups & SMBs to Fortune 500 companies. Balanced blend of technology skills and domain knowledge, powered by passion for IT.
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