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With far more than a century of combined experience in a variety of practice areas, Winters & King, Inc. is the Tulsa law firm individuals, businesses, nonprofits and other organizations count on to provide competent and practical legal counsel grounded in a strong work ethic and values.

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What Makes Us Different?

We apply our beliefs to our work every day, providing principled representation in the following areas:

Corporate law — Internal governance and compliance can be a tricky issue for corporations. Our team of attorneys can help your corporation maintain compliance and avoid or resolve internal issues.

Nonprofit organizations — Nonprofits receive valuable tax benefits but are subject to substantial oversight. A lawyer experienced with tax exempt issues can help your church, ministry or other nonprofit organization stay compliant.

For-profit Organizations — If you own or operate a business, legal issues can distract you from providing the product or service your customers demand. Let a Tulsa business law attorney from Winters & King, Inc. help you tackle these issues so you can get back to work.

Litigation — Effectively overseeing litigation takes experience and skill. Our team of Tulsa litigation lawyers can help efficiently resolve your legal dispute.

Health law – Help navigate the complex and changing landscape of healthcare regulations and compliance.

Estate planning and probate — Help ensure the people and causes you care about receive the benefits of your life’s work by consulting an experienced Tulsa estate planning attorney.

Publishing and agent services — Writers are excellent communicators but may not always be shrewd negotiators. We use our experience to help authors deal effectively with the publishing industry.

Trademarks — Your trademark represents the reputation of your business or organization. Our experienced attorneys can help you take the steps needed to protect your brand.

Personal injury and workers compensation — An injury can change your life in an instant. Our experienced attorneys can help you deal with that change by pursuing the compensation you deserve.

Guardianship — If you are responsible for a physically or mentally disabled loved one, a Tulsa guardianship lawyer may be able to help you gain the legal rights to better handle his or her affairs.

Domestic Relations — A divorce or child custody dispute can be painful and frustrating. Our experienced attorneys provide principled and if necessary aggressive representation of your dispute.

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Principled legal professionals providing a variety of services

We strive to provide the legal services our clients need most. Our principles guide every area of our practice, and our clients appreciate and value this unique approach. Call us today at 918.494.6868 or contact us online to schedule a consultation regarding your legal issue. You can count on our values as well as our professionalism and competence.