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We started working with ARCO in 2015. At the time we were looking for a company to host our QuickBooks, eMail and Outlook for the company and ultimately, they suggested a transactional web application where we could build our company website and then host it in their environment. Not to complex work to be performed. Over time, they increased prices across the board every year to finally in 2019, we were paying almost $600 per mont for these services. Steep, but if they provided goog service, you get what you pay for. However, there is the rub!!! Last year they told us they no longer supported our web application and that no more upgrade services would be available. When we asked them who they recommended to take the job, we were told to search the web. If you add that bit of news to their terrible service and response time, we had had enough. We moved our site to Drundo for $100 per month, with fantastic and responsive service and free upgrades. We moved our QuickBooks hosting to a fantastic company that included upgrade to Office 365 E3, for only $270 per month. Their customer support is probably the best I have ever had with any company. Now, we don’t have to wait weeks to add a simple email account for a new employee. We no longer get talked to by technical people who speak another language and make you feel like an idiot if you don’t know what they are talking about, and most of all...for this great service, we are paying ½ as much as we were paying with ARCO. Runaway, runaway as fast as you can, there are great options out there that treat you well and don’t rob you and actually know what good service is. How will you know what good service is until you leave them.