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Taylor Logistics Inc. is the Nation's Most Progressive Family Owned logistics company. From their founding in 1850 to today, Taylor is currently in sixth and seventh-generation ownership.

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What Makes Us Different?

Taylor’s foundation is built upon a rich 171-year history outstanding the test of time with the strict 1850 government regulations from their start to a global pandemic. They wouldn’t be where they are today if it weren’t for their ability to be agile, solutions seeking, and innovation-driven. Taylor continually evolves their services, quality program, and training from eCommerce distribution championed by their in-store design team to an entire brokerage department; they’ve continuously added services to their portfolio as their partner’s needs grow and change. Taylor has proven that they are not merely a vendor for their partners but an extension of their team with a clear understanding of their responsibility to replicate their client’s strategic business goals. Their client relationships don’t last one to two years; they are long-term with several that have been with Taylor for five-plus years and who don’t just use one Taylor service but multiple within the organization. In addition to Taylor services, when a client signs on with Taylor, they gain access to all their resources. Taylor has a great relationship with their warehouse management system provider Zethcon, Shorrs Packaging, who helps find new sustainable, cost-effective packaging options, and Pinnacle Data, so custom reporting is never an issue. If Taylor doesn’t have it, they have a portfolio of resources willing to help. When a business is over 170 years old like Taylor, it’s like that Farmers Insurance commercial, “They know a thing or two because they’ve seen a thing or two” no request or solution is too outlandish, and you can call on the team at any hour of the day.