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About Dozer HR Solutions

We develop and deliver strategic solutions to your organization’s human resource problems. We specialize in face-to-face training sessions, consulting, and assessments because we’ve seen the transformative difference that face-to-face interactions make. Because we work as a team, you’ll always get comprehensive feedback. We are based in Ohio, located near Zanesville, serving the Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinatti, Wheeling, Pittsburg, Detroit, and Indianapolis areas and the Country.

What makes us different

We deliver in-person, hands-on and interactive training workshops to better equip you and your employees to work effectively and efficiently in the modern workplace.

Let’s face it—online HR training might check the compliance boxes, but online learning often fails to deliver a lasting impact.

It takes well presented, in-person HR training to actually change the minds and habits of your managers, supervisors, and employees. The result? Lasting, transformative change in your company culture.

Bringing in an outside expert has outsized benefits. HR issues are sometimes quite sensitive, and we bring 25 years of broad HR experience to your company. Because we’re not in a management or an HR position at your company, we’re ideally positioned to deliver workshops that cut through the noise to effect real, measurable change on even the most entrenched HR problems you face.


Available 24/7

Our primary background is in manufacturing and construction. We know that not everyone works 8–5.  Training sessions can be scheduled anytime that suits your schedule, including middle of the night or on any shift.

Most of our sessions are designed to be 2-3 hours long; we are flexible to combine, shorten, or expand sessions to meet your training needs.

Our chief human resources strategist, Derek Dozer SPHR-SCP, has 25 years of experience assessing and solving precisely the types of HR challenges you face.

Our company offers a full range of human resources services on a consultation basis.

If you’re a small organization and don’t have the HR expertise you need in-house, we would be glad to work with you as a consultant to address short-term, urgent HR matters.

By virtue of us being an impartial third party, we are also ideally placed to investigate sensitive HR issues at your company.

As a senior human resource professional, Derek is well positioned to help you identify what HR problems are holding your company back.

We can perform a wide range of audits and assessments to provide insight into how you can attract and retain talented employees, managers, and supervisors, and foster a workplace culture that’s safe, supportive, and productive.

Our audits are more than just a checklist—we tailor them to each company’s specific needs. We can review any data you provide, perform competitive research with other companies in your industry, and/or interview individuals with you and your organization to get a well-rounded, full picture of the strengths and weaknesses of the specific areas of your company under audit.

Each audit or assessment ends with a written report that provides concrete, actionable recommendations and a strategic roadmap for improvement.

Derek has years of experience navigating labor relations, including heavy contract negotiation experience in difficult economic situations with the largest unions in North America, including the USW (United Steelworkers) and UAW (United Auto Workers).

We have solutions for companies in all stages of union and labor processes, including negotiations, contract reviews, and union avoidance efforts.

We can work one-on-one or with groups at any level in your organization, from front-line employees to those in executive-level positions.

We work one-on-one with individuals or groups to improve their performance. We have extensive experience coaching executive-level employees. We can draw from our knowledge of Hogan Assessments and other personality inventories to develop a coaching plan that’s personalized to the strengths and weaknesses of each member of your team.

Our feedback model is customizable. Depending on your needs and goals, you can choose to work with either Derek, Kimberly, or both as a team.

Derek and Kimberly Dozer are dynamic, experienced public speakers skilled in keeping audiences’ attention.

If you’re planning a company retreat, industry conference, or professional development event, we are available to present on a variety of HR topics.

Accountability in the Workplace
Caregiving and Work/Life Balance
Conflict Resolution Strategies
Who is Your Customer? Stellar Customer Service Skills throughout Your Organization
Beyond Stereotypes: Effective Communication for Intergenerational Workplaces
Handling Stress at Work
How Human Resources Can Create an Environment of Trust
Labor Relations Outlook—Your Relationship with Your Workforce Matters
Performance Management
Supervising in Manufacturing: Performance and People
Reducing Turnover—Creating a Supportive Work Environment that Puts Humans First
Thriving in Manufacturing Human Resources—Performance Matters

What We Do

  • Benefits Consulting
  • Recruiting
  • Talent Management
  • Training & Development
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Dozer HR Solutions Doesn't Have Any Reviews Yet.
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  • ADP
  • Workday

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  • Small Businesses: 1–250 employees
  • Medium Businesses: 251–999 employees
  • Enterprise Businesses: 1000+ employees

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