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About Corban OneSource

We take the HR Administrative burden and control costs with our Variable Cost Model. For almost a Quarter Century we have been helping our clients remove the burden of the "HR Blocking & tackling" so they can focus on more strategic HR initiatives. We can scale up or down in any economy.

What makes us different

 With clients in 48 states and 6 countries, Corban OneSource is the HR Business Partner for companies that have between 75 and 4,000 employees. Each solution is customized and consists of 3 separate or combined functions:
(1) Payroll Admin. Outsourcing

Payroll is time consuming. It’s the least strategic aspect of any HR function. By outsourcing the administrative headaches that come with payroll, your HR team can develop crucial, employee-related aspects of your business to help you attract and retain talent.

It’s crucial to protect sensitive employee salary information. More often than businesses like to admit, there’s no way to monitor whether your internal team is inappropriately sharing confidential information. An outsourced solution can give you the security and peace of mind you need.

(2) Benefits Administration Outsourcing

A dedicated employee benefits admin team can help you fully leverage the benefits you select with your broker or if you are self-funded. They can also help you recover lost profits by reconciling bills, overseeing data transfers for accurate payroll deductions, conducting and eligibility checks so that you aren’t paying more than you need to.

Benefits admin experts know the latest state and federal employer regulations and can provide counsel for HIPAA, ERISA and ACA. They’ll do the heavy lifting on paperwork to keep you in compliance.

A benefits admin partner can take over the time-intensive tasks that tax your internal HR teams so they can focus on mission-critical, strategic and employee-centric initiatives. This makes employees happier too!
(3) HR Administration Outsourcing

Sometimes adding a new HR person isn’t the answer, especially if you have processes out of order or the wrong technologies in place. We’ll work with you to identify specific challenges and hand over a plan that complements your current team.

Hiring an HR support team can give you the exact solution you need, when you need it. It will have the added benefit of helping to identify organizational and procedural bottlenecks that stagnate your organization.

Whether you have 200 employees or 2,000, growing and responding quickly to market conditions is critical. We’ll help you reduce overhead and with our variable cost model, we cut overtime, benefits, and other associated overhead costs.

We use best practices across all areas of HR to make for a better overall employee experience which means increased profitability and reduced risk. 

Who we are.
At Corban OneSource, we put the R in HR by providing the resources to help clients accomplish their goals. We are strongly committed to serving our clients with accuracy, accountability, and fresh ideas that increase their ROI.

We are strongly driven by a mission to serve others, and for many of us, faith is at the core of that mission. To that end, we ask that our leaders remain in service to our teams, and empower our teams to be in service to our clients.

We recognize that this is an evolving process and an ongoing opportunity to grow. We have put significant time and effort into finding the right people for every role, and are committed to an inclusive workforce that reflects the rich diversity in our world.

Where we began.
Our CEO, Norman LeClair, came from an operations background working for large companies. It became apparent to him that the success of any organization depends on human capital —  people. He saw the value of having the right people in the right seats and transitioned to the world of recruiting top talent for other organizations.

Leading a fast growing RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing), he saw a need for full-service HR outsourcing to support the long-term success of businesses. He recognized that in order to attract the very best talent in any industry, HR leaders needed to be free of administrative burden.

What we do for people.
Founded in 1997, Corban OneSource launched in St. Petersburg, FL in 2004 and developed a singular focus on HR outsourcing. Our goal is to continually provide value and results to large companies seeking a reliable, hands-on approach to payroll, HR and benefits administration outsourcing.

We recognize that our industry can be high-energy and at times, high stress. We strive to help our employees thrive, and as a result, have seen incredibly low turnover since our inception. Perks like in-office massages and lunches show appreciation, but it’s the way we live our values that provides the support that employees need to best serve each other and our clients. Just as our clients have access to our CEO, our employees know that Norman has an open-door policy and a true willingness to serve.


What We Do

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Platforms We Support

  • ADP
  • Paylocity

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  • Small Businesses: 1–250 employees
  • Medium Businesses: 251–999 employees
  • Enterprise Businesses: 1000+ employees

Types of Businesses We Work With

  • Automotive
  • Business Services
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Government
  • Healthcare

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