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CanPay Software Inc. was established in 1985 to provide organizations with effective, proven payroll software solutions. Today the company is proud to assist many of Canada's most progressive and respected organizations from coast-to-coast who look to us for their payroll and HR needs.

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What Makes Us Different?

CanPay is known for its outstanding support and personalized, long term client relationships - some of our clients have been with us from the beginning back in 1985. This is a testament to the reliability of our software tools and to the dedicated service that we provide. Many businesses prefer our personalized approach where we assign an individual payroll representative to each account. Clients enjoy the assurance that their representative will be on hand if needed, and that they have someone available who is uniquely familiar with their payroll situation.

The payroll industry is always on the lookout for innovative ways to make the payroll process easier. The tools of today may be feature-rich and appreciated by payroll professionals, but many practitioners are looking for less-complicated and more intuitive ways to perform the process. With eNETEmployer, our team employed the logical and intuitive approach of a spreadsheet to simplify the payroll cycle. Why stick with the status quo when there are new and better ways to get the job done?

eNETEmployer uses an Innovative interface that is similar to a spreadsheet. It allows you edit data in place, re-order columns, expand and collapse rows, and sort/filter data. There's no other product in the market that leverages the familiar approach of a spreadsheet (used by millions worldwide) and makes it available for a payroll program.