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A national award-winning staffing agency that was built with our trademarked tagline, "Expect More, We Do" was born out of the desire to be better. We developed our 4-dimensional matching process with our clients and contractors in mind. This has carried us to be recognized as one of the best staffing companies to work with. Don't take our word for it, give us a call today to experience it.

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What Makes Us Different?

Our motto, "Expect More, We Do" is not just words, it is the creed we live by every day.  We are continually customizing solutions for every client because nobody is the same.  We believe it takes our trademarked 4-dimensional matching process to make sure that everyone is confident in what we do to make the biggest impact.  

We know that you have many options when it comes to hiring through a service and we want you to trust us to partner with you.  We are dedicated to finding the best candidates to work with so that you have the best opportunity to grow your business and exceed your goals.  We believe that your time is an asset and we want to ensure you that we will do everything to make this a good experience.  We look at our industry as one that we must satisfy more than one party for it to go well.  Our top priority is to place high-quality candidates with our clients so that they can eventually be rolled over onto our client’s payroll and receive additional benefits.  Our client's needs and expectations will always remain a top concern.  We expect that we are going to do our job and find the best-qualified candidates to fill your positions.  We are committed to having open and honest communication about what we are seeing in the job market and in particular; how that market affects your ability to attract and retain high-quality talent.  I can assure you that our staff strives to fill positions quickly with the best-qualified candidates.  We don’t pay our people to interview, they get paid when they have submitted a candidate to our client and our client is impressed enough to hire them.  We are here to help and want you to succeed in finding great employees that move your company forward.

We do have additional services that are offered that we have seen help other clients just like you.  We have an HR consulting firm called Barracuda Consulting with trained consultants that offer a full array of training and policy development to protect you in these difficult times.  We also offer payroll services through our sister company called Red River Payroll Inc.  They offer a completely paperless payroll solution that is loaded with benefits for the client and employees that use them.

We appreciate your trust in us and it is our goal to partner with you to grow and protect your business.