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Scoring Methodology & UpCity Rating Explained

UpCity Rating Explained

In the digital marketing industry, it can be difficult to identify agencies and service providers that provide high quality work at a fair price. At UpCity, we’ve worked hard to build a methodology and criteria for our Top Local Agency platform to give business owners the tools and intelligence to research great providers in their local area, and to make it easy for those business owners to procure the services they need quickly.

We created this rating to adhere to a model that considers a wide variety of information about a business or agency, including information provided by the business or agency themselves, along with information we collect from public data sources and third party information providers.

How Does the UpCity Rating Help Business Owners Find the Right Partner?

  • - Identifies companies and agencies that provide reliable, high quality service to their clients. Our goal is to give business owners peace of mind in knowing they are partnering with someone they can trust with their business.

  • - UpCity Ratings cannot be purchased. Our rating factors rely solely on elements of an agency or business that directly affect business owners and potential clients. A higher preferred rating cannot be purchased from UpCity by any agency or business.

  • - The rating algorithm is constantly refined and improved. Our model has been developed and iterated continuously since creating our marketplace, based on feedback from business owners who shop in our marketplace, and agencies and businesses who are represented in our marketplace alike.

The UpCity Rating is based on information provided by agencies and businesses as well as public and third party data sources, and as such should not be treated as the only source of information a business uses when making a buying decision. The UpCity Rating is designed to be an accurate assessment of an agency or business, and should be considered in conjunction with other available information like client reviews and testimonials, industry endorsements, and peer recommendations.

Frequently Asked Business Owner Questions about the UpCity Rating

How is the UpCity Rating placement calculated?

We collect data from a variety of sources to provide a fair and accurate assessment of an agency or business, alongside information provided by the agency or business themselves during the profile creation process. Data sources include, but are not limited to, online information repositories like Google, Yelp, LinkedIn, and Facebook, as well as public records.

This information is aggregated and considered against the weighting functions of our mathematical algorithm to assign value to important aspects of a given agency or business. Agencies or businesses with more complete data are favored over those with incomplete or missing information, to ensure UpCity provides a high-quality experience to businesses and end-users of the marketplace.

Does UpCity share detailed information about how these rating placements are calculated?

While UpCity is happy to provide insights into the important types of data we take into consideration right here in our marketplace methodology, the specific weightings and calculations that our rating algorithm use to make these determinations are considered proprietary, both to protect the integrity of our marketplace, and to prevent agencies or businesses from manipulating the rating system for unfair advantage.

Similar to Google’s organic search placement algorithm, we keep the fine details of this process secret to give every agency or business a fair chance at placement, and to ensure that agencies or businesses are rewarded for their high quality work and reputation, and not their ability to appease our algorithm alone.


Does an Agency or Business have to pay or sign up to have their UpCity Rating calculated?

Not at all! The vast majority of the agencies and businesses you find in the UpCity marketplace have no standing business relationship with UpCity. Profiles are provided to any agency that fits the requirement for placement on a list free of charge, and the UpCity team is constantly researching agencies and businesses in new markets to create profiles on their behalf to help them gain additional business visibility


A rating for an Agency I see in the marketplace seems incorrect. What can I do?

We rely heavily on the input and feedback provided about our marketplace from both agencies and businesses, as well as business owners who shop within our marketplace. If you see information on an agency or business profile that you believe to be inaccurate or incorrect, please contact us and let us know.

Our community management and editorial team investigates all issues presented regarding marketplace listings, and if we find an agency or business to be in violation of our community guidelines or providing false/inaccurate information, these actions will be reflected in their score and, ultimately, their UpCity Rating.


Frequently Asked Agency/Business Questions about the UpCity Rating

Do I have to have an UpCity Rating for my agency or business?

By design, all profiles within our marketplace that are actively listed on any list must be scored and assessed against our rating algorithm in order to qualify to be live and visible.

Our goal is to provide transparency and understanding for business owners across North America, and we create profiles and collect data for agencies and businesses in more than 250 markets across the United States and Canada as part of that process. Claiming your profile and adding additional information about your agency or business helps us to provide a more accurate value for your UpCity Rating.

What can I do to improve my UpCity Rating?

While there are a myriad of elements that factor into your UpCity Rating score, there are a handful of things you can do to improve your agency or business’ score easily and quickly:

    • - Claim & Complete all Profile Information. You receive additional points towards your UpCity Rating by claiming your profile and ensuring all fields on your profile are completed properly. This is the easiest way to ensure your profile has a fair shot and prominent placement.
    • - Gather High-Quality Reviews on your Marketplace Profile. One of the most important factors of our marketplace methodology is feedback from other business owners or clients who can provide first-hand knowledge and feedback about an agency or business and their history. Gathering multiple high-quality, favorable reviews on your profile gives you a significant advantage over other agencies and businesses in your market.
  • - Ensure Your Business or Agency’s Public Information and Directory Listings are Up-To-Date, Accurate, and Consistent. Because our marketplace focuses on providing business owners with locally-based partners they can connect with easily, your UpCity Rating places a large amount of emphasis on your Agency or Business’ physical location and proximity to a given market. By ensuring your location data is consistent across all available public data sources, both on- and offline, our scoring algorithm is able to place higher confidence in the accuracy of this information.
  • - Improve Your Business or Agency's Website Performance and Authority Are Strong. We use a business or agency's website and overall prominence online to help determine authority and market presence. This includes factors such as organic search performance, backlink portfolio statistics, user experience & load times, and more.

Can I Request a Change to my UpCity Rating?

Because our rating algorithm is applied consistently and identically to all profiles across our marketplace as a whole, we are unable to change rating values upon request. By ensuring your profile is completed and accurately filled out, alongside gathering reviews from your clients, you can help influence your UpCity Rating positively, and your position on lists may change as a reflection of new data.


Does my Rating change over time?

Our UpCity Rating algorithm is constantly being updated and improved to provide more accurate information, so you can expect your agency or business’ rating to change over time periodically. Here are some other scenarios that may trigger a change in your rating:

    • - Adding or updating information on your profile.
    • - Periodic re-scoring processes that take place in the marketplace database.
  • - Significant changes or updates to the rating algorithm that trigger a re-scoring process for all agencies.