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Discover more about how UpCity helps B2B Service Providers enhance their online reputation & credibility while building their business through our marketplace and reputation insights dashboard.

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success stories

The value of this marketplace goes well beyond simply being included in top lists. Dollar-for-dollar, I don’t think there is a more valuable platform to help promote Double Up Digital to new potential clients than the Top Local Agency Marketplace.

—Cullie Burris,
Founder, Double Up Digital

A platform such as yours that is selective (attentive to quality and proof of quality)… is a worthwhile investment in today’s SEO climate!

—Margaret Wolfson,
Founder, River + Wolf

About UpCity


UpCity was founded in 2009 with the goal of helping businesses navigate the rapidly changing world of digital marketing. As the number of marketing service providers grew, so did the challenges for businesses searching for information they could trust to drive their decisions.


We launched the UpCity Marketplace in 2015 to empower successful relationships between businesses and service providers by providing transparent, trustworthy information.


Today, more than 225,000 businesses visit UpCity each month seeking professional services from 35,000+ B2B service providers in 600+ cities in North America and Canada. UpCity helps partners in the marketplace grow their businesses and build their digital recommendability.