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Scott Lutz


Validated Review

Overall Summary

My overall experience with Sachs Marketing was really an eye opening one. For years the company I work for used a guy who claim to be the best out there. I can remember sitting in meetings and listening to him speak about what he was doing for us and why it takes time to build a good SEO campaign. This all made sense to me but I never really saw the work he was doing and he claimed it was all "back end stuff". From day one with Sachs they started me off with a shared workflow drive for my account and instantaneously I felt as something real was being done, something tangible. Every activity, every blog post, every syndication is right there in the workflow documents. I never have to call and ask what's going on this week, its all in the workflow. Actually I never have to call at all my account manager, Samantha is constantly reaching out to get feedback on there work to fine tune all the detail items that really make a difference. Eric, if you get to read this thank you for all you for us!!!!!