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Validated Review

Overall Summary

There's an energy when you're working with NEWMEDIA that is very hard to explain. They are all so committed to what they're doing, and it's as though there's a competition among them to give you the best idea, and then to back that up with data to prove why it will be successful. Meetings flew by in minutes, and it never got boring. Just when you thought that they couldn't impress you any more, they pull out the latest prototype or the latest user survey result. And it's right there. I work with a lot of older people in our company, and I'm one of the younger members of the team. So we have different ways of thinking and communicating about things. With NEWMEDIA, they were so clear and understood and conveyed our goals in such a way that everyone on our side of the table was on the same page, and working towards the same "north star" (their words) all the time. It's amazing.