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Validated Review

Overall Summary

Our old website was 12 years old. We needed it to function within the specs of modern devices and I did not want a template looking site. I searched nationally for web designers and put together a wish list of all the coolest looking features I was seeing on the best sites. I interviewed 5 different designers from Chicago, Atlanta, New York, Nashville and Savannah. All of them were talented firms with great looking products, but it was the way I felt taken care of and listened to that sold me on Maxburst. They did not flinch at all the 'things" I wanted and still worked with us as a small company on a small company budget. The experience never diminished, actually the opposite happened, and I was continually being surprised with new ideas and offerings from them along the way that kept the project alive and exciting. The last days before launch were like waiting for christmas as a kid. The people were great, the design was awesome, couldn't be happier.