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Top Trademark Lawyers in Nashville, TN

Looking for the top-rated trademark lawyers in Nashville, TN? Check out the best trademark lawyers in Nashville, TN, with reviews!
Last Updated: Sat Jun 19 2021

List of the Top Trademark Lawyers in Nashville, TN

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9 Providers
Trust Tree? uses an innovative, web-based platform at to offer individuals and businesses of any size a choice of flat fee trademark services. Our flat fee services include trademark applications,...more >
L. Kevin Levine, PLLC is a boutique entertainment, music, copyright, trademark, and business law firm in Nashville, TN. We offer professional and affordable legal services to creative and entrepreneurial individuals and ...more >
Nashville's Premier Entertainment Lawyer, Intellectual Property Law, Technology Law, Internet Law, Trademark Law, Copyright Lawyer...more >
Amy J. Everhart founded Everhart Law Firm to counsel individuals and organizations in the creative industries, entrepreneurs, inventors, business owners, and others with legal needs in the areas of trademark, copyright, ...more >
From contract negotiations to trademark registrations, Daniel Novick gets results for his clients worldwide. Contact his firm to schedule a consultation....more >
Patent & Trademark Lawyers in Austin, TX, Memphis, TN, and Bentonville, AR / A Gold Standard in IP For a Competitive Entrepreneurial Marketplace...more >
We are a group of experienced patent attorneys helping clients protect their ideas and businesses from the competition.?? We acquire patents, trademarks, and copyrights for our clients and enforce......more >
Patterson Intellectual Property Law is a full-service intellectual property law firm, providing patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret litigation and services....more >
Trademark Law Intellectual Property Law Copyright Law Licensing Law Entertainment Law Publishing Law Publicity Rights Name and Likeness Book Publishing Periodical Publishing E-commerce Regulatory Compliance W...more >
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