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Top Patent Lawyers in Long Beach, CA

Looking for the top-rated patent lawyers in Long Beach, CA? Check out the best patent lawyers in Long Beach, CA, with reviews!
Last Updated: Tue Apr 13 2021

List of the Top Patent Lawyers in Long Beach, CA

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14 Providers
Contact the Los Angeles intellectual property attorneys at Trojan Law Offices for all of your IP needs. Call us at (310) 777-8399 for a free consultation....more >
patent lawyer, aerospace engineer, podcaster, polyglot, ?? ?? , scuba diving, exploring ?, naps and affogato-espresso & ice cream in 1 dessert, yes plz!...more >
We are active in all aspects of intellectual property law, including patent, trademark, copyright, domain name, and trade secret law. This includes clearance, searching, filing, prosecution, licensing, maintaining and li...more >
Intellectual property law firm providing patent, copyright, trademark, and trade secre legal services....more >
Where Your Ideas Matter. IP law firm focused on patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, domain names, and other intellectual property....more >
Aura IP Law is an Intellectual Property (IP) Counsel for enterprises specializing in Cannabis Technology, Life Sciences, Green Technology, Sports Innovation, Food and Beverage and Retail...more >
With Over 20 Years of Patent Experience, and listed on over 640 US Patents as an Attorney and Patent Examiner, Austin Bonderer can help procure your US Patents....more >
Based in Orange County, California, Dawes Patent Law Group is dedicated to helping businesses and individuals protect the intellectual property that they have worked hard in creating and......more >
IP Business Law, Inc. offers intellectual property and victim restitution attorney services for Torrance. Schedule a free consultation with us today....more >
Patent, trademark, copyright law. Business law. Litigation. Lawsuit. Patent litigation. Patent application. Internet and ecommerce law. Trademark registration, lawyer orange county, lawyer Irvine, patent lawyer irv...more >
Protect your intellectual property with U.S. patent protection. Contact our patent attorneys for a consultation on your invention....more >
Kenneth Avila, Patent, Trademark, Business, Attorney, Lawyer...more >
Protect, Patent and Profit from your Idea...more >
US Trademark Patent litigation attorney los angeles, copyright, and intellectual property law firm. California lawyers specializing in federal IP litigation and lawyers file patent trademark application registration....more >
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