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Top Copyright Lawyers in Tampa, FL

Looking for the top-rated copyright lawyers in Tampa, FL? Check out the best copyright lawyers in Tampa, FL, with reviews!
Last Updated: Mon Jun 14 2021

List of the Top Copyright Lawyers in Tampa, FL

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4 Providers
Based in Largo, FL, Larson & Larson, P.A. specializes in the procurement, prosecution, litigation, and licensing for intellectual property. Since 1987, we have obtained over 900 U.S. and foreign patents, and protected i...more >
Zagrebelsky Law is a Florida Business and Intellectual Property Law Firm. We handle trademark, copyright, business, litigation, franchise, and internet law....more >
Stanton IP Law Firm is a Tampa based law firm focusing on protecting, enforcing, and monetizing Intellectual Property rights for their clients by obtaining patents both in the US and abroad, trademarks at both the federa...more >
Jacksonville, FL patent attorney helping inventors with patent, trademark, and copyright matters. Contact Jacksonville, FL patent attorney for a FREE initial consultation 904.296.0055 | >
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