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Top Employment and Labor Lawyers in San Jose, CA

Looking for the top-rated employment and labor lawyers in San Jose, CA? Check out the best employment and labor lawyers in San Jose, CA, with reviews!
Last Updated: Mon Jan 18 2021

List of the Top Employment and Labor Lawyers in San Jose, CA

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San Jose, California, employment attorneys. Please call 866-994-2378 for your consultation. Over 20 years of experience fighting for employment rights....more >
Contact a San Jose Employment Attorney for Legal Advice For all your legal issues, from simple advice to complex litigation. Lori Costanzo at 408-993-8493....more >
If you need an employment lawyer in San Jose CA, the Advocacy Center for Employment Law offers legal aid for various labor laws. Call us!...more >
Trusted legal advisors for businesses and employees alike in Santa Clara, California....more >
The Nuddleman Law Firm represents individuals and companies in a wide-variety of employment law matters. Robert Nuddleman has been assisting employees and employers for almost 20 years, with a particular focus on wage a...more >
The Law Office of Phillip J. Griego can help you resolve your employment and mediation cases in San Jose, CA. Call our law experts for your legal needs....more >
Daniel A. Menendez provides employment law representation throughout the Silicon Valley. Call 408.479.4969 for a consultation....more >
We offer employment law help for residents of San Jose who have been wrongly fired or discriminated against. Call to discuss your case today: 408-404-8591...more >
We are California employment lawyers in San Jose with a focus on representing aggrieved workers in their overtime and wage and hour disputes....more >
Employment Rights Attorneys provides legal services tailored to small businesses and employees in the San Jose - Bay Area. Employment Attorneys San Jose...more >
Leading San Francisco Bay Area law firm protecting employee rights. Sexual harassment, race discrimination, and wrongful termination law. Oakland and Marin County, Bay Area....more >
Call 408-971-4655 to speak with a civil rights and employment attorney for a free consultation....more >
We fight for employees! We are here to help you learn more about California labor laws and to defend your rights in the workplace. Call UELG today!...more >
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