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List of the Top Employee Benefits Lawyers in Pittsburgh, PA

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7 Providers
Our award-winning attorneys are backed by 35+ years of experience and have won millions for our clients! We offer personalized aggressive representation. Contact our firm today, consultations are free!...more >
Pennsylvania Social Security Lawyers If you have been injured in an accident, denied Social Security Disability benefits or face another difficult...more >
Pittsburgh employment lawyer will fight hard in your discrimination, harassment or wrongful termination case. / 412-258-2250...more >
Pennsylvania Employment Lawyers - Pittsburgh attorney for clients in metropolitan Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania. Lawyers representing employers and employees in the area of employment law....more >
Pitsburgh Based Employment and Workers' Compensation Attorney, Sean Casey. Get help with Work Injury Benefits, Employment Law, Social Security and Mediation....more >
We have provided high-quality elder law representation for Pittsburgh since 1952. Contact Sikov and Love, P.A., at 412-261-4204 or toll-free 877-897-8025 for a consult....more >
Our team of attorneys is located in downtown Pittsburgh, but we've served the entire western half of Pennsylvania since 1979. We practice Workers' Comp, Veterans' Benefits, Personal Injury and Social Security Disability....more >
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